Jessy Sankananji Ngulube

Finance (Finance, Investment and Risk) MSc

The course sharpened my analytical skills which has helped me in the professional world.

What attracted you to Kent and to this programme?

The combination of finance, investment and risk was the perfect complement to my undergraduate studies, also at Kent, in Actuarial Science. A few of my friends had studied the MSc Finance (Finance, Investment and Risk) programme and recommended it as the best Master’s degree for the career path I wanted to take – they were not wrong!  

How were your studies? Which areas did you find particularly inspiring or interesting?

My studies were amazing! I have a strong mathematical background, so this helped me to sail through all the quantitative modules easily. My favourite module was portfolio theory and asset pricing models in which I scored 91% overall.

Was the course flexible enough to allow you to pursue your own interests? 

The course certainly allowed me to pursue my interests, particularly when working on my dissertation. I decided to carry out an empirical study on whether the stocks at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange followed the Capital Asset Pricing Model. This was interesting for me as I was able to learn more about one of the most advanced economies in Africa.

How would you describe your fellow students?

My fellow students came from diverse backgrounds, so I didn’t feel like the odd one out.

How do you think your course has changed you?

The course has enabled me to become more organised and disciplined. My analytical skills have also been sharpened which has helped me in the professional world.

How did you enjoy your time at Kent in general?

I spent four years at Kent, and I enjoyed my time there. I hope to visit soon!

Describe your current work. Do you have a typical day? 

I work as an Investment Analyst for a private equity firm. It was stressful at the beginning but I think I’ve got the hang of things now. Every day is a new challenge and different projects come with different demands. I enjoy my work and have been able to apply much of what I learnt during my studies to my job.