Adarsh Geerjanan

Finance (Finance, Investment and Risk) MSc

Always choose an area of study that you are passionate about.

Why did you choose to study at Kent Business School?

Kent Business School (KBS) is highly ranked in the UK and the University of Kent received a Gold award in the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF). Also, KBS is accredited by several bodies including the Chartered Financial Analyst Institute (CFA). My goal is to become CFA-certified, and I was awarded a partial scholarship from KBS to take part in the CFA Level 1 examinations. KBS offers training on ‘Bloomberg’ – the most common financial platform that companies use. This helped me to become better acquainted with MS Excel, which enhanced my technical skills. I was lucky enough to be awarded a scholarship, which covered nearly a third of the tuition fees.

What attracted you to your programme of study?

I saw that the course structure and taught modules were exactly the ones I was looking for as these were in line with what I had previously studied. I was highly incentivised in pursuing the Master’s degree at KBS because as well as CFA accreditation, it is also accredited by the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP).

What support do you receive as a student at Kent?

Studying at Kent Business School was my first experience of studying abroad. The University of Kent has an inclusive and safe environment which appealed to me. It was also very encouraging to see that the University provides a good supportive framework for its students, especially via the School’s student support office.

What areas of study have you most enjoyed?

Having previously studied a BSc in Mathematics and Finance, I had a keen interest in the realm of quantitative finance. During my postgraduate studies, I enjoyed modules in areas such as quantitative methods, fixed income markets and financial risk management. All the modules on my postgraduate degree have been extremely insightful.

What are the facilities like in your School and on campus generally?

KBS provides great study areas and a perfect social space to grab a coffee between classes. The accommodation for postgraduate students in Woolf College is very nice and spacious. There is even a common room with a variety of games – perfect for spending time with Woolf residents.

Have you used any of the resources provided?

The Careers and Employability Service holds regular workshops which focus on topics such as how to use LinkedIn and improving presentation skills. I also got the opportunity to attend an online mock interview session during which I acquired much knowledge and confidence.

What are you planning to do next?

After my Master’s, I plan to gain work experience at investment banks or in risk management departments of financial institutions. I believe that the course will provide me with the background knowledge necessary. With the acquired know-how and with sufficient experience over the years, I plan on setting up my own financial firm in the future. This will hopefully contribute to boosting employment and economic growth in Mauritius where I am from.  

How do you think your studies at Kent will affect your career prospects?

Gaining exposure to one of the world’s greatest economies, the UK, can only enhance a person’s abilities in the sector. The University of Kent also enabled me to participate in several lectures and workshops based on employability skills, such as presentation and negotiation skills. Eventually, I was awarded a Gold Award in the Global Skills Award and a job-shadowing experience at a Financial Adviser firm in Canterbury, where I plan on putting my employability skills into practice.

Any advice for those thinking about taking a postgraduate degree at Kent?

Always choose an area of study that you are passionate about and try to make the most of all the facilities and services offered to you.