Anna Magarotto

Digital Marketing and Analytics MSc

Take bold decisions: a path will always unfold in front of you if you work hard and think big.

Why did you choose Kent Business School?

I chose Kent Business School because of the innovative MSc Digital Marketing and Analytics programme. I saw the course was one of the few in the UK that covered both digital marketing and data analytics. I was also attracted by the University’s rankings for marketing programmes and its proximity to London.

Why this particular programme?

The modules were the most innovative and comprehensive I had seen, compared to other digital marketing courses in the UK, and I saw that the modules were broad and up-to-date with the latest industry trends. I learned about digital marketing principles, strategy, and consumer behaviour, as well as the data analytics element of websites and social media. Also, we covered inspiring topics including emerging IT trends, such as virtual reality, the internet of things, and website design.

What were you doing before undertaking your studies?

I was on a gap year learning Spanish in Seville and working in field marketing. I had previously studied a Bachelor’s in Psychology in Milan.

What were your motivations for undertaking your studies?

I wanted to study something current that would hopefully allow me to work anywhere in the world. I am passionate about technology and was curious about the Industry 2.0 that was emerging. I also wanted to study abroad, and the UK is an excellent option for education.

How did studying at Kent Business School equip you with the skills you need for the world of work?

We learned how to plan and deliver a digital marketing strategy and how to conduct independent research by practising in small groups. We also coded and designed a website and social media page and learned how to apply website analytics for social listening and sentiment analysis. Moreover, we practised machine learning techniques and data mining software to extrapolate insights from a dataset. The programme also allowed us to obtain the Advanced Google Analytics certificate.

What were the highlights of your course?

The highlights were conducting presentations and group work for emerging IT trends and creating a digital marketing strategy for a food retailer, as well as learning about data analytics practices and website creation. It was also extremely worthwhile to attend lectures with guest speakers such as PR Smith talking about marketing strategy, LinkedIn experts and practitioners from London and local companies. We were also given the chance to participate in an SAS competition with other UK universities and were able to attend a lecture from two SAS practitioners on data analytics.

What is the support like at Kent Business School?

The director of the course and the lecturers have always been friendly, helpful and incredibly supportive. We were able to give feedback and suggestions on the organisation and content, so it felt like the course was tailored to student’s needs. There was also extra support available for all students from the Wellbeing Centre for our physical and mental health.

What are your career aspirations for the future?

Today I’m working on a business idea to tackle climate change, with the help of the ASPIRE entrepreneurship hub at the University of Kent. I’m also looking for a job in digital marketing for an environmental agency or organisation.

The programme has allowed me to explore various areas of digital marketing which has developed my interest in digital marketing for the music industry and green marketing for environmentalism. At the end of the course, I was selected to participate in an entrepreneurship course at Babson College, USA, to develop my business idea regarding climate change mitigation. This course was funded by a scholarship from Santander and the University of Kent. My future career aspirations are to become a green entrepreneur and work for an environmental agency. I would like to live in the USA and continue to learn and apply digital marketing and technological skills.

What advice would you give to future students?

Don’t be afraid to take bold decisions, because a path will always unfold in front of you if you work hard and think big.