Aliaa Elshabrawy

Digital Marketing and Analytics MSc

The programme has allowed me to put my years of experience into learning the fundamental theories and frameworks of digital marketing.

What attracted you to your programme of study?

One of the main reasons I pursued a Master’s degree at Kent Business School (KBS) was due to the resources available and the network of people you build during the experience. The programme also allowed me to put my years of experience into learning the fundamental theories and frameworks of digital marketing as well as explore the analytical decision-making process further.

How do you think a Master’s degree will enhance your career/job?

It is easy to feel like a digital marketing expert when you have successfully managed a couple of social media pages and received a couple of online certificates. While this is how I got into digital marketing originally, I knew digital is a much wider umbrella. Although a Master’s degree alone is not a guaranteed recipe for success, I hope it fortifies my expertise and opens doors for me in the field and allows me to use my skill set to help not only businesses but also other people by sharing the knowledge I’ve acquired at Kent.

Which modules have you enjoyed the most and why?

I have enjoyed learning about marketing research, data mining and digital marketing strategies especially as they cover the core knowledge required to build and forecast successful marketing and business plans.

What are the facilities like at Kent Business School and on the Medway campus?

Although my taught hours are based in Medway, I spend my time equally split between the Canterbury and Medway campuses thanks to the free coach service provided by the University. I also make the best use of my Kent email to ask for help and get access to most of the scientific and useful subscription sites. The Templeman Library at Canterbury and the Drill Hall Library at Medway provide the latest technology to help you find anything you need both online and offline. The computer labs also have the latest software installed so it makes it easy to practice or to use them for our assignments.

Describe your experience of the Business Start-Up Journey

Business Start-up has been in many ways a life-changing experience because my neuroplasticity is constantly challenged. It is so refreshing to be surrounded and nurtured by like-minded people who share your thoughts and ethics.

Tell us about your business idea.

I am working on a couple of business ideas currently, one of which tackles finding unbiased resources online for prospective higher education students to help them properly research different universities, programmes and modules so that they can make the right decision.

Do you have a mentor/role model who has inspired you?

On a professional level: David Ogilvy and Samih Sawires. On a personal level, it has to be Rebecca Smith from ASPIRE and the Business Start-Up Journey.

What do you want to do after graduation?

I am hoping my previous work experience paired with my Master’s equips me to become a successful digital consultant or to start my own business.

Any advice to somebody thinking of coming to Kent Business School?

Make the best of all the available resources during your time at Kent. Everyone is there to help you succeed and make you proud of yourself. It is up to you whether you make it an experience of a lifetime or just another couple of years in education.