Meet our EDI team

Our EDI team

Our EDI team

Meet our Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity (EDI) Team who are working hard to deliver the University's anti-racism strategy.

Leroy Cohoone

The Race Equality Charter (REC) Co-ordinator and formulator of the REC project plan. He has been making sure we keep on track, assembling agendas, minutes, having discussions with staff and gathering the qualitative information required for the Race Equality Charter Self-Assessment (RECSAT) Team and EDI work at Kent. 

Contact Leroy at

Tanesha Allen

EDI Data Specialist and person handling all aspects of the data and quantitative input involved in the REC submission. Tanesha is the person who is doing the assembling of data and turning that into a presentable form for the RECSAT, making data requests and at the behest of the RECSAT categorising data in a way that most helps our application and EDI work at Kent.  

Contact Tanesha at:    

Minna Janhonen

EDI Advisor and formerly our AthenaSWAN co-ordinator. Minna as an EDI advisor has a much broader remit and has been advising Divisions with their Faculty AthenaSWAN queries as well. Currently Minna is on maternity leave but will continue to be a part of the team and will return to the team. 

Whilst Minna is on maternity leave please contact Kim Mulholland (see below).

Kim Mulholland

EDI Advisor (maternity cover) - Kim has just started this week in her new role at Kent as the maternity cover for Minna’s role. Please give her a warm welcome as she gets stuck in.     

Contact Kim at:

Will Mbioh

The RECSAT Academic Lead – Will is a senior lecturer and the person who will be working with Divisions and on Academic transmutation of discussions that emerge from the REC, RECSAT and EDI discussions in the team.  

Contact Will at:

Becky Lamyman

Student Equality, Diversity and Inclusion - Becky is a part of our EDI team that has roots in and communicates with student aspects of Kent life, and is a key link for student input into our team. Becky also organises the EDI forum meetings and does a lot of work on various pieces in Kent such as the EDI report. 

Contact Becky at:

Janice Markey

Head of EDI – Janice will be starting with us in May as our new Head of EDI. They will be looking at our current strategies and working across the institution. 

Contact Janice at: