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Verbal Logic Test

Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.
Albert Einstein


This practice test involves verbal logic puzzles, some of which have a numerical element. They test your ability to think logically, analytically and numerically, and also to extract meaning from complex information.. Some employers use similar tests as part of their selection procedures and this test will give you some idea of what to expect.

The test has 21 questions and you will have 40 minutes to do them. At the end of the test (when 40 minutes have elapsed), you will be given a score. You are allowed to use scrap paper and a calculator for working out answers.

The test will start with three easy example questions which will not be marked or timed. Now click on the "First Question" button below to begin. Click on the button beneath your answer to answer it. You can change your answer by clicking on another button.You can also go back to the previous question, by clicking on the previous question button. When you have finished the test click on "Get Your Score"




Time Left :

Test developed by Bruce Woodcock


As mentioned before, this test is for practice only, so you should not regard your result as of importance chiefly because the test was not taken under proper test conditions e.g. in a silent room with no disturbances. Your performance can also be distorted if you have a cold, or have not slept well. Also, evidence shows that international students or those from ethnic minorities may be disadvantaged in this type of test, due to language and cultural differences. If your first language is not English, your score is likely to be lower on such verbal tests than native English speakers. Mature students may also sometimes be disadvantaged and you should remember that your degree subject may change your performance - for example scientists are likely to do better on mathematical tests and Humanities students on verbal tests. Even your ability to use a mouse may influence your score! Having said all this it is still natural for you to want some feedback on your performance.

For further example tests and help with tests, see our Aptitude Tests page with tips on how to pass tests.


  • 16 or above. This is an above average score for graduates.
  • 12 - 15. This is in the average group compared to other graduates.
  • 11 or below. This is below the typical score of graduates but remember that a number of factors may have distorted your score - see above for some of these factors. You may wish to discuss your results with a careers adviser.



Example answers plus working

1 2nd

In a horse race Hill Royal came in ahead of Trigger. Hill Royal finished after Black Beauty. Copenhagen beat  Black Beauty but finished after Bucephalus

Where did Copenhagen finish? 2nd

Bucephalus, Copenhagen, Black Beauty, Hill Royal, Trigger

2 4th Where did Hill Royal finish? 4th
3 66

Forty two is seven times a particular number. What is eleven times that number?

7 x 6 = 42
1x6 = 66


Test answers plus working

1. Kimi Debbie, Kimi and Michael have Ferraris. Michael also has a Reliant Robin. Jensen has a Mercedes and a Model T. Rubens also has a Mercedes. Debbie also has a Bugatti Veyron. Rubens has just bought a Toyota Prius. Who has the fewest cars?

Debbie: Ferrari, Bugatti Veyron
Kimi: Ferrari
Michael: Ferrari, Reliant Robin,
Jensen: Mercedes, Model T,
Rubens: Mercedes, Toyota Prius
2 66

One third of a number is four times eleven. What is half of that number?

1/3 =44
Number = 132
Half 132 = 66
3. Jensen doesn't qualify

Jensen, Lewis and Mika need to be able to run 100m in under 12.5 seconds to qualify for a championship. Lewis and Mika run faster than Jensen. Jensen's best time for the 100m is 13.1 seconds. Which of these 5 options MUST be true:

  • Only Lewis qualifies
  • Jensen doesn't qualify
  • Lewis and Mika both qualify 
  • Jensen qualifies
  • No one qualifies
4. 7

Wayne is double the age of Fernando and one third as old as Didier who will be 48 years old in 6 years. How old is Fernando?

Didier is 48-6 =42 years old
Wayne is 1/3 of 42 years old = 14
Fernando is half 14 years old = 7 years old


Hanif, Horace, Hilary and Hannah are students. Hanif and Horace speak Chinese, whereas the others speak Arabic. Horace and Hannah speak Albanian. Everyone except Hanif speaks Esperanto.

Hanif speaks Chinese;
Horace: Chinese, Albanian and Esperanto;
Hilary: Arabic and Esperanto;
Hannah: Arabic, Albanian, and Esperanto

Who only speaks Arabic and Esperanto? HILARY


Who speaks more than one language but not Arabic? HORACE

7. 13

Josh the postman has eleven red rubber bands; he gives Sunita three bands. Sunita now has twice the number of bands Josh has left. How many bands did Sunita have at the beginning?
11-3 = 8
Sunita = 2x8=16
16-3 = 13

8. 4.15

Simon, Cheryl and Dannii are all going by train to London to watch a singing competition. Cheryl gets the 2.15 pm train. Simon's train journey takes 50% longer than Dannii's. Simon catches the 3.00 train. Dannii leaves 20 minutes after Cheryl and arrives at 3.25 pm. When will Simon arrive?

Dannii leaves at 2.35 arrives 3.25 therefore 50m journey
Simon's journey takes 75m therefore arrives at 4.15

9. 10

5 bricklayers can lay a total of 50 bricks in 30 minutes. How many bricklayers will be required to lay a total of 60 bricks in 18 minutes?

1 bricklayer lays 10 bricks in 30 minutes = 1 brick every 3 minutes
60 bricks would take 1 bricklayer 180 minutes
Therefore 180/18 bricklayers are required to lay these in 18 minutes =10

10. W An old treasure map has the following instructions:

Stand next to the black rock and face West. Walk 20 yards and then turn 90 degrees clockwise
Walk another 10 yards and then turn 45 degrees anticlockwise. Walk another 15 yards, reverse your direction and walk 5 yards back. Turn 135 degrees clockwise and walk another 10 yards. In which direction are you now facing? N

Ignore the distances (these are red herrings) , the direction you face is all that matters!
W, N, NW, SE, W


Skoda and BMW You are the head of purchasing for a company and have to buy the following 9 cars for the company pool in the next three months. The company is very bureaucratic and has a rule that exactly £60,000 must be spent in each of the three months and you are only allowed to buy 3 cars each month. In the first month you buy the Fiat Uno. Which other two cars must you buy that month?
You must spend £60,000 each month The Fiat accounts for £8,000 of this leaving £52,000 to be spent on two more cars. The only way of achieving this is to buy the BMW and Skoda.
  • BMW Series 3  £40,000
  • Lexus £36,000
  • Volvo Estate £32,000
  • Ford Focus £14,000
  • Ford Focus £14,000
  • Ford Focus £14,000
  • Skoda Octavia £12,000
  • Ford Car £10,000
  • [Fiat Uno £8,000]
12. Athos

Athos, Portos and Aramis live in three adjoining houses. Aramis has a black cat called d'Artagnan, Portos has a white dog whereas Athos has a red herring. Portos has a neighbour with a red door. The owner of a four legged animal has a blue door. Either a feline or fishy owner has a green door. Aramis and Portos are not neighbours. Whose door is red?

Portos, white dog, blue door
Athos, red herring, red door
Aramis, black cat, green door


Mr Bumpem and Mr Parker Mrs Krashem, a driving instructor has to arrange booking for a number of her pupils. She has 8 new pupils who wish to book either a morning or afternoon of a particular day. As these are two hour introductory lessons, she only sees one pupil each morning or afternoon.
  • Miss Banger is only available Tuesday mornings
  • Mr Bumpem can make any time on a Wednesday
  • Mrs Exhaust is free on Tuesdays all day
  • Mr Hilstart is only free Wednesday afternoons
  • Miss Boot is only available Friday mornings
  • Miss Bonnet can only make Saturday afternoons
  • Mrs Speed is available all day Fridays
  • Mr Parker can make any time on a Saturday
Which must both have morning appointments?
  • Mr Bumpem AM
  • Mrs Exhaust PM
  • Mr Parker AM
  • Mrs Speed PM

Mr Bumpem and Mr Parker AM

14. Mrs Exhaust & Mrs Speed

Which must both have morning appointments?

Mrs Exhaust & Mrs Speed

15. 15 degrees

How many degrees are there between clock hands at 6.30 am?

Minute hand is at 180 degrees

Hour hand is at 180 + 360/24 degrees as it has moved half an hour further = 180 +15 degrees.

Therefore difference in angle = 15 degrees

16. 3

It is 4.30 am and your alarm goes off. You crawl sleepily out of bed. You have a job interview to go to that day and you must leave by 5 am to catch the train as the interview is being held 150 miles away. Suddenly all the lights go off. There has been a power failure. It is still pitch dark outside and you have no other light available. You have 6 brown socks and 6 pink socks in your drawer, all mixed up and identical in all but colour.

How many socks must you take from the drawer to be sure of taking a matching pair of the same colour?

Once you have taken two socks from the drawer (the possible combinations are BB, PP or BP), the third sock you remove must give you a pair of either brown or pink.

17. 8

How many socks would you need to take from the drawer to be certain of getting two pink socks?

The first six socks you remove could all be brown, but the seventh and eighth socks would then have to be pink.

By the way, you didn't get the job.



Magician and Ball games

You are holding a children's party for 7 children and have asked the children what activities they would like at the party. Because of time constraints, you will only have time for two activities, but want to make sure that everyone gets either their first or second choice. The children and activity preferences are as follows:

Face painting Magician Bouncy castle Ball games Disco
Debbie Bouncy castle Ball games Face painting Magician Disco
Sunita Magician Face painting Magician Disco Ball games
Ben Ball games Face painting Disco Magician Bouncy castle
Mia Disco Magician Face painting, Bouncy castle Ball games
Jo Magician Bouncy castle Disco Face painting Ball games
Face painting Ball games Bouncy castle Magician Disco

Which two activities should you choose? Magician and Ball games.
You only need to look at the second and third columns to make sure that everyone gets their first or second choice.

19. £16

You spend 56 pounds in total on a cactus, a stuffed porcupine and a puncture repair kit. The cactus costs twice as much as the puncture repair kit and the stuffed porcupine double the price of the cactus. How much did the cactus cost?

Using simple algebra. Say cost of puncture repair kit = x, then cost of cactus is 2x and cost of porcupine is 4x
Therefore total cost = x + 2x + 4x = 7x 
7x = £56
Therefore x = £8
Cactus costs 2x which is £16

20. Kitten

You take seven children to a toy shop to buy each a soft toy. The toy shop only has one of each type so you ask the children their preferences. You decide to give each child one of their preferred toys.

Panda Donkey Dog

Panda Donkey Kitten Dog
Donkey Dog

Wombat Gorilla Donkey
Kitten Rat
Panda Dog

Wombat Gorilla Dog Rat  Kitten

Which animal will you give Jezebel? Kitten

The trick here is to realise that you can ignore the children with more than four choices.

Josh, Jamelia and Jasbeet all have only two or three choices and all want a panda, donkey or dog, so they must each get one of these.

Jezebel also wants a panda, donkey or dog, but she would also accept a kitten, so she must be given this, if each child is to be allowed a preferred animal.

21. Run

A crofter has to get to his herd of sheep quickly as he has been told they are being attacked by a dog. His sheep are on the other side of a steep hill. He can run over the hill (3 miles) at 4 miles an hour, or take his tractor via an old dirt track which is 5 miles at an average of 6 miles an hour or he can drive his car along a very narrow winding road but this is 14 miles and he can only go at 18 miles an hour on average.
Which method should he choose?

Running 3 miles at 4 mph takes 45 minutes
Driving the tractor for 5 miles at 6 mph takes 50 minutes
Driving the car for 14 miles at 18 mph takes 47 minutes
Therefore he should run.



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