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Creative Job Hunting

Creative Job Hunting

What is it?

A creative career search involves a creative, active approach to researching careers and making job applications. Rather than being passive (reading books and surfing the Web) and reactive (waiting for a vacancy to appear before making an application) you take the initiative in finding out what is involved in a career or about job opportunities

Creative job hunting allows you to develop a network of people who can help give you advice, information and/or work experience opportunities.

  • Apply for jobs that aren’t advertised (on the off-chance that they are hiring) using a good CV and well-written covering letter
  • It is particularly important when there is a lot of competition for the jobs for which you are applying, for example during a recession, or for popular jobs such as those in the media or environment
  • It impresses employers by showing that you have initiative/motivation
  • You find out about a job before entry, rather than afterwards, when it is more difficult to change your mind
  • You get advice on other routes into the job

Where are the jobs?

Most jobs are not advertised - one source put the figure of unadvertised jobs at 80%. So why is this?

  • It costs money to advertise - perhaps £1,000 to advertise in the Guardian
  • Employers may get more applications than they can cope with - many adverts now attract hundreds of applicants
  • Employers may have already received CVs from suitable applicants who have written in speculatively, so they can just call these in for interview.

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