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Brand Identity

20 Years in Europe identity

In 2018/19, the University is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the opening of its first European Centre in Brussels. The Brussels School of International Studiesis a key tenet of our European identity together with the centres in Paris, Rome and Athens so the ribbon and sub-brand below have been created to mark the occasion.

For the twelve months from September 2018, promotional materials for the European centres can carry the sub-brand wherever appropriate.

Tips and guidelines

  • Never try to recreate the sub-brand. Always use the artwork provided to you.
  • Always use the sub-brand artwork provided to you and do not alter or manipulate it in any way. Do not distort or angle the sub-brand. Do not change the colour, typeface or proportions of the sub-brand.

To obtain a suitable version of the sub-brand please contact the Design & Print Centre.

Additional information

Download the Brand Guidelines PDF for more information on the 20 Years in Europe brand.

Please note that...

The master logo guidelines also apply to the 20 Years in Europe logo.

Anniversary artwork

Anniversary ribbon

20 years in Europe ribbon 20 years in Europe alternate ribbon

Anniversary logo for web

20 years in Europe logo

Anniversary ribbon colour

C67 M0 Y12 K2
PMS 631
Hex (web only) #2ABED9

Colour ways

The logo and ribbon should only be reproduced in the colourways shown below.

Blue logo with colour ribbon on white background

20 years in Europe blue colour way

Black logo with colour ribbon on white background

20 years in Europe black colour way

White logo version for use in instances when a colour logo cannot be used

20 years in Europe white colour way

European centre sub-brands

The ribbon should be positioned to the left of the logo, the space between the ribbon and logo is the height of the capital ‘U’ from University.

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