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Transforming Kent's Culture of Philanthropy



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Synapse-Soleil, part funded by John Washington and the Kent Ingenuity Fund

“Drawings Towards ‘Hymn’” (1994) given by the artist, Stephen Cox

Pfizer Ltd. entry in the University of Kent Benefactor’s Book

University of Kent Foundation Fund Appeal in the Kentish Gazette, 1st October 1965

Early aerial view of the University of Kent, courtesy of the Templeman Library Archives


This Beacon project will shine a spotlight on philanthropic giving in order to educate, inspire and energise a stronger culture of philanthropy across all our campuses.

Philanthropy has been a steady, but largely uncelebrated, aspect of the University of Kent in its first five decades.

The legacy of this project will be an end to hiding this light under a bushel by ensuring our staff, students and stakeholders have a better understanding of the importance of fundraising and are aware of the contributions made by the acts of private donors in the past, present and future.



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