SAC Alumni make us proud at this year's Tusk Awards.

Many, many congratulations to DICE alumni Simson Uri-Khob from Namibia and Rachel Ikemeh from Nigeria!

Now in its ninth year, the Tusk Conservation Awards ceremony was held in London honouring five ‘conservation luminaries’ from Africa, two of them are DICE alumni.

Simson Uri-Khob has worked with the Save the Rhino Trust (SRT) for 30 years, becoming CEO in 2015 and won the Prince William Award for Conservation in Africa describing him as a ‘gifted conservationist’ saying  ‘It is impossible not to feel his passion, commitment and honest open heart when he talks about protecting the species.’

It’s not always that you see a rhino. There aren’t that many around. But you know God graced them to be on earth.

Rachel Ikemeh has focused on species-based and landscape-level conservation efforts. In 2012, Rachel established the SW/Niger Delta Forest Project and has served as its director since and was Tusk award for Conservation in Africa finalist. They commented:

‘Rachel’s persistence in working in one of the most insecure regions in the world, building strong community relations, establishing a community conservancy, and saving a Critically Endangered primate under these conditions is highly commendable and deserves recognition.

Conservation in Nigeria is hard, but we need to face it head on. We hope that the work we’re doing will be carried on by the future generation.

We’re so proud of their work and it’s brilliant that The Tusk organisation have recognised all their achievements in this way.

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