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Dr Jessica Frazier

Lecturer in Religious Studies


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Having explored religions, Sanskrit, and continental philosophy at Cambridge and Oxford, my work now focuses on key themes in both Hinduism and religious philosophies more widely. I am working on Indian philosophies and arts, focusing on notions of the self, and the Vedantic tradition of metaphysics and its diverse conceptions of the divine (which I will be treating in my current monograph Divine Materials: The Vedantic Tradition of Indian Philosophy”, and which is one focus of my edited book Thinking Inside the Box: The Concept of Categories in Indian Philosophy. See also my recent discussion of Indian cosmological arguments in 'Natural Theology in Eastern Religions in The Oxford Handbook of Natural Theology). I also work on Hindu arts, aesthetics, and devotional thought, focusing on conceptions of emotion, passion, and embodiment. I explored all of these topics in my book Reality, Religion and Passion: Truth and Ethics in Hans-Georg Gadamer and Rupa Gosvami, and looked at the broader history, methods, disciplines, regional focus, and key themes of Hindu Studies in The Bloomsbury Companion to Hindu Studies. I am also the founder and Managing Editor of the Journal of Hindu Studies which is published by Oxford University Press, and the editor of annual thematic issues on topics such as Arts and Aesthetics, Reason and Rationality, Bhakti Devotion, Ritual and Practice, etc.

In the study of religion more broadly, I am working on reviving alternative conceptions of the inner self, religious experience, the nature of the divine, and of the character of truth. These issues are explored in recent essays on topics such as passion in Rene Girard’s notion of sacrifice, and positive spirit possession in the Bible and in Hindu tantric contexts. My forthcoming monographs The Inner World: Approaches to Experience in the Phenomenology, Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology of Religion, and Gadamer on Religion: Growth, World, Spirit also explore conceptions of the self and its position in relation to truth, value and beauty.

I am also a Fellow of the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies since 2005, where I deliver various seminars, pursue research projects, and edit the Journal of Hindu Studies. In addition I regularly consult and contribute to various media sources such as the BBC on religious topics.

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