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Config Tool: Publisher Control Panel

Information and advice on how to use the Publisher Control Panel on your departmental test website

The Publisher Control Panel is a new addition to www-test that, once enabled, appears on every page of your department's website.

The aim of the Publisher Control Panel is to provide a quick way to way to access the commonly used sites and systems we have available to publishers across the University.

It works by allowing publishers to enter links unique to your department into the configuration tool. Once added these then get displayed as icons at the top of the page, which you can click on to jump to your department’s areas on each of the sites.

Enabling the Panel

1. The first thing to do is to make sure the Publisher Control Panel is enabled for your departments site. This can be done by visiting your department’s page in the configuration tool. You should notice a new “Publisher Control Panel” tab has been added, click on this tab.

2. Click on the checkbox to enable the Panel and make sure to click the “Save to Test” button to save your changes.

3. If you now switch back to your departments test site and refresh, you should now see the Publisher Control Panel displayed at the top of your screen:

  • The Google Analytics and Knowledgebase icons are displayed by default.
  • Clicking the chevron at the far right side of the PCP will slide it up/down the page.

Next we need to add in to the PCP links that are specific to your department’s website.

Adding Links

Switch back to the configuration tool and click on the “Publisher Control Panel” tab. As we enabled the panel in the previous step, you should now see three fields (Blog, Configuration tool and Events factory). These fields can be populated with your own department’s specific URL for each area.

For example:
Blog :
Configuration tool:>
Events factory:


There is a Inheritance system in place when using the PCP within subsites:

  • When the parent site has PCP enabled, but the subsite does not, the PCP will not be shown.
  • If both the parent site and the subsite have the PCP enabled but the subsite does not have any links entered in the fields, the PCP will inherit the links from the parent site.
  • If at least one entry is placed in the subsite link field, the subsite will not inherit from the parent site.


We are aware of an issue when activating PCP in Safari. Please try an alternate browser such as Internet Explorer or Google Chrome in the meantime.


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