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Will Tucker Dear Your Majesty,
Thank you for being a strong and stable queen for 70 years. You were a constant presence we could all rely on and the world will not be the same without you. I have looked up to you all my life and you have been a staple part of my nationality and many others. Thank you, we all love you,
Will Tucker, 22
Claudia Reynolds Queen Elizabeth II will never be replaced, she was a unique person and her legacy of goodness will continue to shine. You are now reunited with your beloved Duke of Edinburgh, but will be greatly missed by thousands. Thank you for your lifetime of service. Kent, England
Mark Hale You have been my Boss since 1984. You have been my rock of steadfastness. Self control and patience beyond measure You deserved more from those around you. You Your send off was out of this world. You have just stepped outside of time. We all die in the some moment and step out of time at the same point. You are already reunited with Philip we are the ones stuck in time. Enjoy your endless rest. You have been one in a million England
Chris I was saddened to hear of your demise, you had a good funeral, one worthy of your long life in service of a nation. I hope there is life after death, let's meet there in seven hundred and sixty-eight years. Berlin
Beverley Braiden Thank you for the dedication and loyalty you have shown to your country. You will be greatly missed. I hope you are re-united with your loved ones. Canterbury, Kent
Elizabeth Jocelyn With sincere and deep sympathy for the loss of a very loved family member and Queen. There can be few people in the world who do not know of her contribution and commitment and she will be deeply missed by all. The Queen was a constant in all our lives, keeping us mindful of historical events which seem long ago; linked to them and to loved ones who are no longer with us. It truly is the end of an era. May she rest in peace and always be in our prayers.
Tawiah Emmanuel Rest well Queen..

We will forever remember you..
Leonoe & Isabelle Pauline Rest sweetly in God's loving embrace Dear Queen Elizabet. II thank you. Iloilo, Philippines
Leteetia Jeffries Thank you for your service to Country, Commonweath and Humanity. Your reassuring presence will be sadly missed. You have led the way with dignity, respect, grace and love.
Your loss to your family is immense, sincere condolences to your children, grand children and great grand children and of course extended family. Rest in peace with your soul mate.
Forster NSW Australia
Olusola Sohia Anyanwu Dearest Queen Elizabeth the second.

As you journey into higher glory to be among the celestial saints, angels and our darling Lord Jesus Christ, I will so miss not seeing you around on TV.
I have written 2 poems to honour your memory in my coming anthology. I am sure you would have loved them!
For now, till eternity, rest in peace,enjoy Heaven as you assume your perfect new body .It will be my great pleasure to meet you some day as a fellow divine saint of Christ.
Farewell Queen Elizabeth, our platinum monarch! Remain blessed in His grace.

Love from Author Olusola Sophia Anyanwu
Veena King Your compassion, commitment and strength has been a constant and positive influence in my life. Thank you my queen and may you rest in peace. Canterbury
J Jayne Wiggett Thank you, your majesty for being for being our rock and constantways being there throughout my lifemost of our lives lofe you I'll be dearly missed. RIP and as you make your final journey to join Philip. May you happily RIP Kent
Yadira Larreal God save the Queen. Rest in peace! Miami, Florida. USA
Adrian Kurt Bertschi The last real monarch leaved our World like she lived her whole life long.... as a real majesty and QUEEN OF OUR HEARTS worldwide. The whole world will miss you QUEEN ELIZABETH II and Grandmom of everyone.... Niederglatt, Switzerland
Nicola Huxtable With grateful thanks for spending your life in service to our country. You made me proud to be British. You were special, always a shining light in the darkness and the epitome of British values. May you rest in peace beside your beloved husband. May you now be free. Canterbury
John Varghese Dearest Royal Family, May I express my deepest sympathy to you all, at the passing of our beloved Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.
The Queen Elizabeth II will always be remembered in the rest of our remaining days months and years of our live in this life.
Giuliana B. Prato Queen Elizabeth II was an admirable woman and head of state, with a strong sense of duty - a true statesperson and an astute diplomat; a lady who promoted women's cause in word and deed. Her death is a sad loss for the country and for world's politics. RIP. Canterbury
Italo Pardo I am deeply saddened by the death of the Queen. Long live the King! School of Anthropology and Conservation
Olumide Balogun Rest in Peace your majesty Lagos, Nigeria
Jo Baumber I never had the honour of meeting Her Majesty, but she was a shining light throughout every day of my life. Rest in Peace Ma'am, your job is very well done Wakefield
Professor Ezendu Ariwa and Professor Paul Kamara HRH Queen Elizabeth II remains the greatest in providing positive support for the commonwealth in terms free hunger and healthcare programmes. She will always be remembered for all the excellent global support and motherly caring and leadership. May God with the golden heavenly crown accept our beloved Queen as she rest with the Angels and her good examples remains worthy of emulation Sierra Leone
Roy Obanokho This is for your ears and heart only Dearest Queen Elizabeth.

One of the reasons I wanted to study in the UK was to be closer to the palace, thrive to relevance until I have a chance to meet you as my heart holds lots of questions for you.

You indeed transformed the world. Thank you for for exemplary leadership, excellence, service and courage.

You're lived today and forever!
Jami Whatley You will be missed. I've never met you but I feel like I've lost a family member. I flew a British flag instead of my Texas flag today. Rest In Peace. Texas
Lani &Teegan (14) Queen Elizabeth. In death as in life you have drawn the best out of people and brought the world together in pease, even if for a moment in time. May your life continue to inspire people of every nation to draw closer to pease and unity. Thank you for your unwavering devotion, love of life, compassion and caring. You blessed the world, now may God bless and keep you. Condolences to the Royal family on the loss of the matriarch of your family. May you be comforted by the precious memories your mum. With deep appreciation Faribault, MN proud Canadians
Jessie Chen It's my first week come to the uk, and I felt very shocked and disappointed with this astonished news, whilst I was preparing for coming here. Dear your majesty, rest in peace and our love forever, blessings. JC from China. Darwin Barrington
Nnamdi Obasi My heartfelt condolences go out to the royal family. may the Queen rest in peace. Nigeria
Ahmad Fardeen Affifi May her majesty soul Rest In Peace.My sincere condolences to Royal family and to the whole citizens of Great Britain. Afghanistan
carol macdonald Thank you for everything your majesty you were one of a kind and we will remember you forever . May God be with you. glasgow
Carol Scott Sending Deepest Sympathy to all the Royal Family. We all depart this mortal life at our journeys end but sweet and happy memories stay within out heart until we meet again in God's garden of Peace. Blessings to you all in love light and harmon. RIP our most Gracious Sovereign Elizabeth . Ashton under Lyne
Lesley Shaw Thank you your royal highness for your service to great Britain and the commonwealth, you did a excellent job, your dad would be so proud of you as we all are. May you rest in peace your royal mjaesty Manchester
Serge Gabel What a inspiring queen, also outside of UK she was a reference. I will miss her. Wish you the best in your eternal life 1a rue de la sauer 67470 Munchhausen France
Cheryl Skidmore With grateful thanks for your service to our country. There will never be another monarch like you - RIP Ma'am Kidderminster
Heidi Nicol Sincere condolences to the entire Royal Family. The Queen will be sorely missed. May her memory guide the new King. RIP Your Majesty. Florida, USA
Pamela A Kaniuk You were a woman in a man's world and did a awesome job. You gave women the knowing that they could too. You will be missed. Chicago, Illinois, USA
Graham Colaianni Wonderful lady. You maybe gone but you Will never be forgotten. With lots of love Crewe
Miss Sarah Notton Your Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11. You have done a lot for this country, I used to wave to you and the royal family, when i went to Royal Ascot every year. Thank you very much indeed for all your continued service through the years. I will always remember you. May you rest in peace with Prince Philip now. EAST KNOWSTONE SOUTH MOLTON DEVON
Geoffrey Ageng'o Queen Elizabeth was a role model Monarch who loved people and family immensely and she helped to bring the Commonwealth together as a United entity under the leadership of the United Kingdom.We remember her for being fond of Kenya and getting news of her ascent to the throne while on vacation in East Africa.She had a great love for philanthropy in giving and welcomed and received world leaders at the Buckingham palace and hence helped strengthen international relations between UK and other states through mutual cooperation.May God bless her Majesty's soul. Kisumu, Kenya.
Paul Boffey Rest in peace your majesty Cheshire
Derek Boffey Gone but will never be forgotten R I P. Wybunbury Cheshire
Elaine Mary Lawrence Thank you for being such a dedicated Queen for 70 years of your life. I will never forget you and your beautiful smile, and will hold a place in my heart forever. Stroud, Gloucestershire
Sian Llufrio Our Queen of Commonwealth was ama. She connected with so many people across the world. She gave hope!! My deepest sympathy and condolences to the Royal family at this difficult time. May her soul Rest in Peace. X Gibraltar
Mary Luffman, Dawn and Paul Barber and Louise, Tom and River Thorley-Fox Throughout our lifetimes you have been a constant source of strength and belief.
We feel proud and blessed having you as our beloved Queen.
May you rest in peace.
David I met the Queen in 1980 when she visited my part of SE London. She gave me wave and a smile. Rest in peace your majesty. London
Martina Taddei To one of the most influential women on the planet, my deepest condolences.
Raymond Llufrio You ruled over my whole life, you kept me safe and you taught me decency, honesty and the values of family. God bless you Queen Elizabeth. May you now rest in peace for your work here is done. Xx Gibraltar
Tariebi Marshal Ebimoghan You will forever be missed ..may your gentle soul rest in the Bossom of the lord... Nigeria
Fola Grillet My sincere condolences with the Royal family and the whole country for the lost of a mother, grandmother and great grandmother. May her Majesty Soul continues to rest in Perfect Peace. Amen. London
Risqat Balogun The Queen was an embodiment of sacrifice, servitude, dedication and commitment to humanity. The captivating smile she had till her last moments will forever be in our hearts. Canterbury
Onah Ifeanyi Hyginus May her beautiful soul rest in peace, AMEN. FCT Abuja, Nigeria
Emma Kaczanow May your soul rest in peace your majesty Spain
Emma Gonzalez Rest in peace her Majesty the Queen Spain
Michelle Thank you your Majesty for your selfless service, duty and love for the country and the commonwealth.
May you rest in peace, knowing that you achieved everything that promised to do.
Osakunih Konye May her gentle soul rest in peace and may her legacy carry on Nigeria
Rosalie The longest monarch on the Throne, greatest history ever told. She wore the respectful crown, with a smile, she kept so bold. Portraying a heart of servanthood, in royal duties she firmly stood. Putting others at ease, made her feel pleased. Her Christmas speech, many hearts enriched. The longest monarch, faithful to every touch, accepted everyone as her friend, as she triumphed to the end. Her life and faith, shone until her death. She reigned with devotion and loyalty, fulfilling the royal destiny. For her 70 years of service, she will greatly be missed. May her majesty's soul rest in peace. Leicestershire
Ashley Casson Rest in peace, your majesty. Canterbury, Kent
Gouze Homes Lanka Realty We miss one of our Calm and a Kind Leader Queen Elizabeth ll the Great! We would like to offer our Sincere Condolences to The Royal Family and all the British people for their loss. May the Soul of Her Majesty Rest in Eternal Peace Sri Lanka
M Azad Hamid Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth Alexandra Mary's death is deeply saddened and a great lost for the entire World. After along life of faith her elegance, grace, loyalty to her duty will live on in history and it will be an important legacy to the entire World. We miss one of our Calm and a Kind Leader Queen Elizabeth ll the Great! We would like to offer our Sincere Condolences to The Royal Family and all the British people for their loss. May the Soul of Her Majesty Rest in Eternal Peace. Sri Lanka
Michele Becoming a British citizen under your reign was an honour and a privilege. You have always brought the nation togheter, especially during testing times. Thanks for everything, Your Majesty.
Anton Dulia The Queen was a very inspirational figure for everyone in England and around the world. She showed great leadership, she was also very kind, and had a great sense of humor. She will forever be missed, the gap in everyone's heart that she has left, no one will fill it. God Save The Queen and Rest In Peace Your Majesty Canterbury
Oboh Oghenefejiro Rest in Peace Queen. Nigeria
Terence maverley Thank you for everything god bless you. Amen Sevenoaks
Lesley Hardy-Harris Queen Elizabeth II you have serviced us well for 70 years may you R.I.P with your beloved Philip. Thank you for your all you have done for us far and wide. Walderslade Kent
Vicky Kaloterakis-Kalfoglou I am writing these lines, as I watch the funeral of Her Majesty the late Queen. Born three years after her accession to the throne I always cherished as a very young child one of my first view - master films featuring her coronation ceremony. One of my childhood treasures. During all these years I have felt her as a constant "presence' in my life as well. My family and I have always had great respect and love for her. Sharing her faith in and her love for Jesus Christ we appreciated and admired the fact that she talked openly about it. Though living in another country we will miss her. But.., as she has recently commented, "we will meet again". "Lost in wonder, Love and Praise", after the great lines of the hymn sung at her funeral. Our warmest condolences to His Majesty the King and the Royal Family. Thessaloniki, Greece
Katie Newman Thank you for being a loyal human being you will always be missed once again thank you
Your majesty will always be the longest british reigning monarch. lots of love and care, katie newman
jarrow tyne and wear
Abdallah Hassim Thank you for your devoted service and for everything ma'am. Rest in peace your Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Judy Cummings God blessed you, dear queen and you blessed us all. Your life of service and duty was a gift of love to the world through Jesus Christ, our Lord May your son, Charles, expand upon your example as he continues to use his unique sensitivities and gifts to protect the world and bless this fragile planet. United States
Aderonke You truly lived life! Rest in Peace your majesty. Nigeria
Bryan Austin God Bless Ma'm on the day of your funeral Trowbridge, wiltshire
Bernadette Teresa Anne Rego Resplendent in life you were; adorned in death by Heaven's rainbow; how could your reign for seven decades be forgotten? You held England together with your dignity, discipline, understanding; These attributes glowed brighter, through changes tha sometimes rocked England and other parts of this world; like apartheid, in South Africa, and often bearing the spectre of it all coming unglued for many; but, through it all you were like the one who created you, our Beloved Lord Jesus when he was on the ship in raging waters with his disciples; and they trembled over the fear of drowning. I knew you not personally, but I just know that you had to have prayed and prayed so deeply for calm! And calm it was he brought over England; because of the dearest Soul and Queen that HE found in you; faithful, devoted, honest and compassionate! You adorned this world as a young princess and adorned it even more as Queen Elizabeth II! My heart is heavy from losing you and your smile on earth, but it takes comfort in knowing that HE will raise you high among HIS Angels, where you will intercede for those who cherish your values and who have responsibility on this planet for caring for and doing what is right for HIS people and HIS glorious creation; that the ones with responsibility will not memorialize you briefly and in ceremony as they lay you to your Eternal rest, but that they will return to their lands and people carrying with them the dignity, compassion and sensibilities they drew from you on earth, and which will see them through in their duty to their people and this planet! May you be forever reunited with those you loved and went ahead, and may you rest in HIS Heart of Everlasting Love and Peace! California
Arnautu Maria Iasmina Rest in Peace Ma'am. Thank you for your power, inspiration, and work all of these years. Romania
YAVINAASH NAIDU SARAVANAKUMAR I declare before you all that my whole life, whether it be long or short, shall be devoted to your service and the service of our great imperial family to which we all belong." Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II was a great example of life long dedication to duty and an inspiration to countless generation of people around the globe. Her Majesty, served as a constant and reassuring figure in Britain and on the world stage as she helped lead her country through a period of profound shifts in geopolitical power and national identity. As a proud member of the Commonwealth country, my entire family of The Naidu's would like to express our enormous sympathy for the loss to His Majesty King Charles III and all the members of the Royal Family, and the nation as a whole, but I also feel a personal sense of loss at the passing of such a woman of integrity and nobility. May Her Majesty, Rest in Paradise. Thank you for everything, Ma'am. Malaysia
Pastor Jeyavinthan You were and still are an inspiration to the world of humanity. Rest in peace. Love our Queen. Glasgow
AOUFI Karim It is with great sorrow myself and my family when we receive the announcement of the death of Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II.
Our prayers are with all for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will forever remain in our hearts.
Your majesty, rest in peace.
MRS CHRISTINE TAYLOR Thank you your Majesty for everything you will never be forgotten we will all miss you for ever. BOTTESFORD
Betty Jo Clary Sending condolences to King Charles lll and her family. You will be missed. You were a lovely lady with a sense of humor. You are now with your beloved husband, Prince Phillip. Rest in Peace. Spartanburg, South Carolina
Margaret Heard To the Royal Family in memory with the loss of Her Majesty The Queen. My late father served in the Scots Guard and had the honour to stand at St James Palace and Kensington Palace. Every year up until his passing he went to London and marched in the Remembrance Sunday Service. Her Majesty was part of our lives for so many years and was a wonderful and honoured person. Our thoughts and prayers are with the entire Royal Family at this time during their sad loss. God Bless and R. I. P. South Africa
Letitia Snyman Good bye to a most remarkable woman and thank you for a life time of service. W we love and honoour you. Hermanus, Western Cape, South Africa
Tracey Jayne Bailey We wish to offer our dearest condolences to the King and the royal family on the death of their Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother.
A truly remarkable woman that touched the hearts of the world for seventy amazing years.
Her smile lit up any room.
May her rest in peace and be rejoiced in glory.
God bless our beloved Queen -
Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire
Aleksandra We will all miss you.
Rest in peace Your Majesty.
Antoinnette Markesha Winston Would like to pay my respect to Queen Elizabeth may she Rest In Peace!!! Alabama
Ally Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II is an indeed a strong woman who committed in 70 years of service. The people are mourning for the loss of their great leader and you will be remembered as you have a place in people's heart. You will be missed, your majesty. Again, thank you for your service. May your soul rest in peace as you united with your loved ones X. Philippines
Margaret & Andrew Williams Rest in Peace your Majesty. I am paying my respects for not only myself and my husband, but for my mum and dad. My mum was born in Manchester. She would be very sad to hear of your passing. Condolences to King Charles and the royal family. I regret I was never able to see her in person while I lived in the UK. Panama City, FL USA
Nick Critelli May God's light shine upon you and may you rest in peace. Des Moines, Iowa USA
Lilibeth Middleton Our Deepest Sympathy to the whole Royal family thoughts and prayers are with you all. Thank you so much for everything you did to this country Ma'am. Your a great woman,such an inspiration to all. May god bless you my Queen. You will be sadly missed. Love you forever.Rest in peace. Kent
Lynette Margaret Sumner Berlusconi Our Condolences to you and your family May your loving Mother rest and peace
Kind Regards
Lynette Margaret & family
Sydney NSW Australia
Swati Nath A life well lived with such devotion, work ethic and grace.
You will be sorely missed.
Rest in Peace

L Steib My grandmother was born in Yorkshire and immigrated to the US. I have always felt my UK ties strongly - I even have a picture of Queen Elizabeth in my living room.
My blessings, a rest long deserved.
Alexandria, VA
Dan Markley You have been the backbone of the nation. You will be missed. Washington DC
Rune & Ekhathai Kristoffersen Rest in peace your Majesty, we will always remember you in our hart. Norway
Doreen Mary Wake I recall from childhood the thrill of opening the annual royal calendar and the excitement of the Coronation. Throughout life my love of our Queen has deepened and l hope her faith, kindness and sense of duty will mark the character of our country. Finstown , Orkney
Tony Chalupa RIP your majesty. London
Anita Spicer-hale Thank you for your service and dedication. May you rest in peace. Forever our Queen x Wickhambreaux, Canterbury, Kent
Sharon & Michael Luxford Thankyou for all you have done for the country & its people. Thankyou for inviting The Armed forces to your garden partyI was honoured to be invited along with my serving husband. We were all felt so blessed to attend & had a fantastic afternoon. May you now go peacefully to be with Phillip & both your families. God Bless you. You were a wonderful women with many hats to wear. Bean, Kent
Hayley & Adrian Bennett Sending thoughts and deepest condolences to the family of Her Majesty The Queen. Rest in Peace Ma'am. Dover Kent
Jan Chadwick "Forget me not for I am there in the beat of a heart on a wing and a prayer"thank you and rest in peace with a nations love. Whitstable,kent
Zakia Begum Thank you for everything you did for us your majesty. May you rest in peace, West Midlands
Valerie Massie Thankyou your majesty, for being such an inspirational Queen, we are proud to have had you all these years,the guidance you have given to the world is truly amazing,we will miss you greatly . Luton BEDS
Sharon Collins Our beautiful Queen Elizabeth You gave up so much from such a young age to serve your country. I can't thank you enough for everything you've done over the years alway serving with dignity, respect and compassion. You always had a beautiful smile for people regardless of how you were feeling in your personal life. I love and respect everything you stood for and I am truly heart broken, we the nation have lost you but, I truly feel the the king, his boys and the rest of your family they are doing you proud ma'am R.I.P with your beloved Prince Philip love always xxx Torbay
J Winston I would like to pay my respect to Queen Elizabeth and honor her and I love her with my whole soul and heart. Tennessee
Saumya Swamy RIP? Bombay
Sheela Gounder Our deepest condolences to the Royal family on the passing of HRH Queen Elizabeth 11.
May her soul rest in peace. 70 years of dedicated and impeccable service. Admired by people of all ages. Rest well.
Port Elizabeth RSA
tony quinn Rest in peace our beautifull blue eyed Queen and majesty, shall miss your smiles. plymouth
Sharon and dean Such a lovely woman.we saw you in truro cornwall in were the queen of england now you are the queen of heaven. RIP with your husband god bless you xx Dudley west midlands
Mariam qaiser You will be missed by the whole nation.the smile that would brighten all our day.the love u gave us all.Rest in Peace our beloved queen East london
Rita Grijalva Thank you for your many years of service to England and the United Kingdom. May Her Majesty rest in peace. California, USA
Tracy Millington to a wonderful monarch who has led with strength of character, compassion, faithfulness and love.
Goodnight and God bless.
Claire Hamilton our majesty will always be remembered for all the help you gave us your smiles your laughters and waves sadly missed each day may our Queen rest in peace...goodnight To An Angel. Devon
Rebecca Caroline Farrow May I offer my deepest sympathy to all the family on the passing of the Queen. I like many people the world over thought she would be around for ever an eternal constant in our lives. I have only ever known the Queen and feel at such a loss. May she R.I.P, all my love and deepest respect. Aylesford.Kent
Carol O'Connell My heartfelt condolences to the Royal family. I am so sad at the loss of our Queen, a wonderful, inspiring and beautiful lady, whom I respected and admired. Her majesty wil be greatly missed. Kirkintilloch
Mohammed Adnan Words may not suffice to express the heartfelt sorrow that I feel for the passing of Her Majesty the Queen. Sincere condolences and sympathy to King Charles III, the Royal Family, the British people and the peoples of the Commonwealth. Iraq
Kate St.Hill From one multiple dog owner to another you will never be forgotten. East Fen, New Leake
Diane Senior Ride on the wings of angels beautiful Elizabeth. You have worked long enough and now it's time to rest. You will not be forgotten by either history, or those who have loved and admired you. Rest well my Queen Hackney
George Freeman Rest in peace your majesty Tanzania
Johanna Munday To a gracious beautiful lady, Queen, mother, grandmother and great grandmother. You carried out your duties with dignity, making your country so proud to have had you for 70 years. Rest in peace beside your husband. Love and respect to you both. Snodland
Melvin Munday Much loved and respected and will be missed by all. May you Rest in peace. Snodland
Professor David Wilkinson Rest in peace, our wonderful Queen. Canterbury
Steve A. Silva, CW4, USA (Retired) My sincere condelences to the British Family, and her immidate Family. During my lifetime it is the only Queen I have known, and probably the only one I will Know. She was a person that words cannot give her enought praise. God Save the Queen. Miami, Florida USA
Drake wride Thank you your majesty you will be missed Limelli
Sabine Stager May you happily be reunited with your husband your Royal Majesty, Queen Elisabeth! Condolences to the whole Royal Family. I wish, you can stand TOGETHER to get comfort! Austria
Elsie Lambert You will be sadly missed. Thank you for all you did for us and our country Your Majesty. Sincere condolences to the Royal Family. Northampton
Zana Kitchen Thank you for everything. You will be missed. Northampton
Larraine Kitchen You went above and beyond for our country. Thank you. You will be sadly missed. Rest in Peace Your Majesty. Condolences to the Royal Family. Northampton
Charlie Bewick Rest in Peace, your majesty. Southampton
Stan Mihai-Rares May His Majesty rest in peace and quiet. May the fact that he helped so many generations by understanding the problems be taken into account. Romania,Prahova,Ploiesti
Carol Ellingham Your dignity, your grace, your beautiful smile on your beautiful face will be missed greatly.

Rest in peace besides your loving husband
Oluwafunmike Moyosore Your commitment and contributions to the world at large will be greatly missed. Rest on our Queen. Nigeria
Deyanira Dorta Always a symbol of steadiness and stoicism, she's the only Queen many of us grew up with and learned to look up to and love. She was this tiny, yet remarkable, big woman with an extraordinary power to fascinate the world. Even after exhaling her last breath, she has been able to bring us all together as A nation, A family. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, more united than ever and joined by the rest of the world, mourning and saying our final goodbye to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. RIP Canary Islands, Spain
Cindy Som A Sabharwal Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth sudden and sadly passing away is sadly missed. Our condolences with King Charles II, Royal family, staff and citizens. USA
Janine Reddin Thank you
You gave us strength when we needed it as a country, you gave us love, compassion, Hope and most of all Yourself. You will live forever in all our hearts, God bless you Ma'am and Thank you x
Street somerset
Ajoke may your soul continue to rest in peace Nigeria
Mark & Justina Leslie You were a pillar of strength for our community. A true reflection of loyalty, unity and strength fornour country. Your passing will be felt for years to come, through the generations and across the world. May you rest in peace our Queen. Portsmouth
Teresa Rest in peace god blessx Orpington
Laura Barrass I never saw you in real life, but felt I knew you anyway. My sister and I stood in the crowds in Trafalgar Square and waved our flags for your Platinum Jubilee. Your heartfelt Christmas speeches were always a lovely moment of calm on Christmas Day. Thank you and Prince Philip for all your good work. R.I.P. Your Majesty. Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Penelope Wozniakiewicz Rest in peace Your Majesty. Canterbury
Kazibwe Samuel Rest in Peace your Majesty Uganda
Olofin lanre May her soul rest peacefully in the blossom of the Lord Nigeria
Orok Efiom Rest In Peace Your Majesty. Canterbury
Lorna Auty A wonderful inspiration to us all.
Steadfast and constant to the end.
Rest in peace.
Alan MacSween The light that shone so brightly during her reign, remains alight in her memory Harare, Zimbabwe
Bibby johny Rest in Peace Her Majesty Queen thrissur
Ayesha Ahmed Rest in peace Her Royal MajestyWe love you very much and will never forget you..You are still an inspiration to the world of humanity. Rest in peace. Love our Queen. India
Al Amin usman My thoughts are with the royal family and the United Kingdom for the loss of her majesty the queen. May her soul Rest In Peace. Nigeria
Geetha Karunasinghe Your Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
Thank you for your wonderful and powerful service. Not once you have failed and we are all sad to see you go. Please rest in peace.
MR T Quinn to our beautifull Queen your majesty
you be missed everyday your smiles your laughs and your waves R.i.p
Jerilynn Cacciola My deepest sympathy to King Chares lll and family. The world has lost a great soul who gave all for her country. My thoughts and prayers 9415 Trinity Circle Bradenton FL.
Mercedes Gwinnett I wish you and your family peace and comfort as you grieve the loss of your Mother, Grandma, Great Grandma. God bless the Queen!! R I.P. St. Gallen
Yeboah Barry You will forever be remembered through your good works and dedication to humanity. You will forever continue to live on in our heart. May you gentle soul rest in peace. Ghana
Razna Miah Rest in peace your majesty. Northampton
Mohamed Alsadadi In Peace may her majesty rest. Canterbury
Jaclyn Ferraro Everyone around the world loved you for your strong and kind nature. May you rest in peace your majesty. Pennsylvaina
Jack Chuchev You were an an inspiration to people internationally for your lifetime of service. People across the globe strongly miss you, I for one will strongly miss you as the amount of things you've done for us all is undoubtedly monumental. Eastbourne
Joan Pearson I just want to say Thank You may you rest in peace you have given all Nottingham
Atthachai Khongkamnoed I wish for her soul to be in peace and free from suffering. It is a tragedy that such a good person and an important symbol of hope, is now gone from our world. I believe she brought feelings of safety and comfort during her rule, and it is now our duty to collectively maintain it. University of Kent
Andrew Williams Sorry will be miss RIP MUM Newhaven
Margaret Symonds Queen Elizabeth 11. Thank you for 70 years to your country & the world X Basingstoke
Juhjsz Majrk rest in peace Queen Hungary was also in mourning when it heard the sad news :( Hungary
H.Pasindu Eranga My heartfelt condolences to the people of the UK and all those who had her majesty queen Elizabeth II of their hearts. Certainly no one can survive the death and this is exactly where we all would go sooner or later. Death discriminates no one. That's the reality and our Load Buddha's teaching . May her majesty rest in peace !!! Sri Lanka
Olivia Stacey Rest in peace. Canterbury, Kent
Britta Buck Thank you. Rest in peace our lovely Queen xx Whitstable
Jean & Geoff Gander in loving memory of our dear queen elizabeth
with thanks for your years of service to our nation you will be greatly missed by us all.......but rest now with your beloved philip
Gillingham England
Barry Watkins You are a golden thread in the tapestry of ours lives.
You accepted the opportunity to do your duty and did so, completely and unconditionally.
Thank you.
Margate, Kent
Chris Slater A lifetime of selfless dedication and service. A grateful nation mourns. Rest in peace Your Majesty. Canterbury
Miyah Thank you for your time you will be missed thank you fir your reign over us may you test in peace and be with your Philip xxx chapel
Terence Brown At the age of 17 I stood with thousands of others, in London in the poring rain to watch you on the way to your Coronationin in that golden coach. Sir Edmund Hilary and Sherper Tensig had just conqured Evererest, a good omen for your 70 years of being our Queen. Now I say goodbye and God Bless, Rest in Peace Mam. Jersey, Channel Islands.
Cinthia Menutole Our dear Queen Elizabeth II,

Like many others, I was born during Queen Elizabeth II reign and just knew her for my entire life.
The examples we all learned from her carries us on. She is the most treasure women that most of us, ever knew.

God save the Queen, her legacy and her message of empathy and peace.

Sending you, our Queen, prayers and smiles from Brooklyn, NY.

Yours sincerely,

Cinthia Menutole
Brooklyn, NY
Wako Lisa Samantha May her soul rest in peace Uganda
Michelle Rest in peace your majesty Queen Elizabeth you will be greatly missed lots of love Kent
Ethan Hobson-Lees RIP Your Majesty the Queen thank you for all of your hard work, you will forever be missed. Crowland
Philip Rest in peace Queen . Nigeria
Mrs Karen Greenstreet RIP our beautiful Queen a true inspiration! You have embraced change and hardships in Britain and around the world in your Reign. Reunited with your beloved Philip Rutherford Dining Hall
Tracey Catling You have been an inspiration, steadfast and dedicated your life to your country. Thankyou and god rest. Canterbury
Thushara Ruparathna Accept my mourning condolences and Rest In Peace, your highness Queen her Majesty. You will be missed in our hearts, but your reign will remain forever. Colombo
Danielle Elizabeth U. Your Majesty, Most little girls around our World grow up with their favorite princess. From Cinderella, to Aurora, Ariel, Belle & beyond. Me? I had a Queen. I had you. Throughout my life, I had a magnetic pull towards you. Your gracious demeanor was impactful. Your quiet charm, wit, and compassion for all of God's creatures great & small remain the traits that I will continue to strive to emulate. The moment that I heard that you had gone home, it bruised my soul. Although unrealistic, you were invincible in my eyes.Queen Elizabeth, you were a constant in this world. I find acceptance of your physical absence with reflection of the incredible devotion you gave & the genuine love you shared in even the most subtle ways. Now, you can finally rest. As the saying goes 'In the race of life, run like Secretariat'. Honestly, Your Majesty, you lapped him. You crossed your finish line, and you won the race. You did it! You're home. Thank you, Maam, for everything.
Ayesha Ahmed Rest in peace Her Royal Majesty. We love you very much and will never forget you..You are still an inspiration to the world of humanity. Rest in peace. Love our Queen. India
Augustus Redman God Save the King Kent
Juselle Aquino Thank you, Madam? Canterbury
Christopher Tivey Rest in peace your majesty, God bless you, and thank you for your most memorable and invaluable services and duties. You will be greatly missed. Rhyl, North Wales, UK
Rachel, Charlie, Elisia and Marcos Thank you ma'am for all your years of service. May you rest in eternal peace. Horley
Shirley Derrick Cant believe how emotional i am with your passing. You truly made a big impact on my life and to most of the world. A truly inspirational woman queen mother and grandmother. Your job is done here be with the love of your life now where you belong xxx Fareham hampshure
Alena V My thoughts and prayers are with the Royal Family. May Her Majesty gentle soul rest in peace. Thank you for everything. Czech Republic
Ian Parkhouse May you rest in peace you majesty, our thoughts are with your family, GOD SAVE THE KING Maidstone
Dr Paola Madini To serve is to reign. What a great example! Rest in peace Her Majesty. Sincere condolences to the Royal Family. Canterbury
Alex Northfield May god grant you a peaceful death, the world prayed for it. Maidstone, Kent
Tony Marino Your majesty, may you rest in peace with Our Blessed Lord. Florida, USA
Joan Cooke Thank you Your Majesty for everything

Rest in Peace
West Bridgford, Nottingham
Rachel RIP your majesty Folkestone
Eduardo da Hora RIP. Condolences to the royal family! Sao Luis, Brazil
Elaine A Graeme Your dedication, loyalty and love of your family and subjects will never be forgotten.
Rest in peace Queen Elizabeth II.
Wanda Casis This is a big lost for the World, she was a role model even for who are not from royalty. She used to remember me my grandmother. I think that people like me that grew up seen her, will never though that one day she was going to die, she should be eternal. Panama
Dale Hewitson Rest in Peace your Majesty and condolences to your family. Barry, South Wales
Lorna Sellers The Queen was a true servant of the people and always put her duty to the people first. We shall never see the like again.
God Save the Queen!
Bexhill on Sea
Jacqueline Collins HRH Queen Elizabeth,
Rest in peace and my thoughts are with all your family.
Love Jackie x

Ingrid Pearce Time for you your Majesty to rest in peace. Thank you ma'am for everything xx North London
Professor Mohamed Saleh Al-Kahali I would like to send my condolenses for the death of HM Queen Elizebith II, It is a greet loss for me and the people of Aden, May God keep her in his Glourious Graden, may she rest in peace.
All the condolenses to HM King Charles III, and all the family.
Aden, South Arabia
Jessica Rest in peace your Majesty, always in our hearts. Canterbury
The Jaguars Class (Year 2) Thank you for your long service to our country. You were a wonderful leader and a great Queen. We wish King Charles lots of luck with his new role of being King.
Love the children of the Jaguar's Class family (Aged 6 and 7)
Normanton, West Yorkshire
Mark Connelly A lifetime of service and devotion to duty provides an inspiration to us all.
Rutherford College
Rajeesh Baby My deepest condolences and prayers to the Royal family and other family members. No one can fill the gap of you , Dear Mam, rest in peace. Taunton
Hazel Wood To her majesty never met you but you were a extremely beautiful woman and served us all your life as u promised when you were 21 thank you your majesty xxx Lincoln
Geoff & Janet Penn Thank you for 70 yeas of unrivaled service for your people and country and we send here to your family our deepest sympathies in respect to your passing.
Much love from Geoff & Janet Penn. (In,Cyprus)
Oroklini, Cyprus.
Jacinta Alexander Thank you Ma'am, for everything. London
David Gilson thank you for your service to this great country. I had the pleasure to serve in the army . you are now with your beloved Philip xx Leyland Lancashire
Thomas Hill I grow up with the Queen she represented our country and devotion to her duty and I will miss her very much her kind words and deeds and her in trest in people not so fortunate in life will be forever in my heart rest in peace dear lady and the family I am forever grateful Whitstable kent
Onyekachi Ume Okai It was my honour to behold , Her Majestic on Telecast. We will all miss her uncommon contribution to the African communities. Nigeria
Mary stella sundararaj With deep regret and pain in my heart .I send my heart- felt condolences to me royal family on the demise of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
I had a special privileges of meeting the queen at birmingham. I presented Her Majesty an Indian gift for which Her Majesty thanked me with happiness that letter is a treasure of my life. I now that Her Majesty is no more my heart is heavy and empty being very far away, let my tears evaporate and touch Her Majesty at the heavenly abode. Let my emotion and grief amalgamate and take courage from Her Majesty is history. Let me learn to walk at the footsteps of Her Majesty with patience, determination and faith to do good to humanity. Let Her Majesty's smile like a star guide me with positive vibrations in my life's up and downs. On this day of Majesty's burial I pray with god's blessing with Her Majesty will watches from heaven me the endless sympathy and prayers of her beloved people. I pray also that God almighty guide the royal family with prosperity and blessings with coming years ahead of time and space. May Her Majesty rest in peace.
Chennai tamilnadu India
Emmanuel Adu Debrah Rest In Perfect Peace Your Majesty Kumasi
Siham Bensdira God bless the Queen. Her Majesty has been an inspiration to so many throughout her life and her smile, wisdom, sense of duty and humanity will continue to shine through for generations to come! May she rest in peace. Sending our sincere condolence to the Royal Family. May God bless His Majesty King Charles III and grant him success on his way and may God bless him with all the best and safety of all, may God bless you Labrador City canada
Patricia Short It has been a great sadness to hear of your passing our Queen Elizabeth
My condolences to all the Royal family and may you find Prince Philip your soulmate you will be sadly missed by all the world I am brokenhearted God save the Queen?
Thetford Norfolk
Nithiah Palani Farewell Queen! Malaysia
Emmanuel Anyebe My condolences goes to the Royal family of Queen Elizabeth II. May go give you the fortitude to bear your loss. Nigeria
Abu Bareerah Verily, the eyes shed tears and the heart is grieved, but we will not say anything except what is pleasing to our Lord. We are saddened by your departure of The Queen Lancashire
Suzanne O'Connor We are deeply saddened by the news of the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. We extend our deepest sympathies to His Majesty, The King and all members of the Royal Family. Our thoughts are with her family and loved ones Queensland Australia
Adriana Marti?nez My deepest condolences . Queen Elizabeth II was a great example of commitment, strength and union Colombia
Dante Alighieri Sanchez-Garci?a It was indeed so heartbreaking hearing the news of the passing of Her Majesty the Queen on Thursday, September 8th, 2022. I send my deepest condolences all the way from Mexico, to the Royal Family, and all the people in the UK. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you in this very very difficult time. I'm sure words cannot simply describe the pain and sorrow you are going through. This might be the end of an era, but keep your faith strong, the whole world is with you!
Thank you ma'am! Thank you for your tireless service to your nation and endless love to the world for over 70 years. You were, and forever will be a shining light in history, an incredible example of strength, courage and will. We will honor your memory and legacy with every good action, in order to make of this a better world. And as we mourn your loss, we will remember you with so much love and affection, now and forever! May god bless you, bless the Royal Family, and everyone in the UK. Rest in eternal peace, HM Queen Elizabeth II. (April 21st, 1926 - September 8th, 2022)
Alvira Asif you will be missed india
Tracy Simpson Amazing queen, rest in peace you served your ppl and Country with such grace . Xxx Gateshead
Achu ushie My queen and mother of my nation Nigeria. For all the good you have done for us and all over the world, you shall never be forgotten. you where greatness and we would miss you. sleep well mama Nigeria
Svetlana Secrieru Wishing comfort and peace your Majesty. Our hearts are saddened by this loss. Northampton
Franco De Rose Sincere Condolences , may she rest in peace. She will be never forgotten for her great work She did for the Love of her country and people. God Bless the QUEEN
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Frank Joynt I am saddened to learn of HER Majesty's demise. RIP Your Majesty Galway
Hayley Sainsbury Thank you for your service ma'am. Enjoy those marmalade sandwiches. Lots of love. Xxx Northampton England
Nikki My condolences to the Royal Family at this sad time . Our Queen was a wonderful lady , Rest in Peace your Majesty Bognor Regis
Linda Probets Your Majesty. You have made this country very proud of all the work you have done for us over the last 70 years. You will be missed by your family and your country. RIP your Majestry. Dartford, Kent
Laura Molinari To Her Majesty, the last Queen of our times, who embodied the style, the class and the authenticity like no other. May She rest in peace, always remembered by all of us who had the chance to share the path with Her. Thank you Queen Elisabeth II. Milan, Italy
Olena Nizalova Please accept our sincere condolences on behalf of myself and the Ukrainian community who has taken refuge from the horrors of war in our city and vicinity. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth had been an extraordinary woman and an inspiration. May she rest in peace! Canterbury
Linda It is with sadness I send my condolences to The Royal family
we will miss the Queen and her beautiful smile.
I know Chales will be a good King to the Nation.
God bless you all.
Leanne bickley Thank you for your amazing dedication and service just thank you for being awesome amazing inspiring loving caring and dedicated ma'am xx Bromley London England
Raji mutiat adebanke May her soul rest in perfect peace.
Her legacy will never be forgotten.
Lagos, Nigeria
Penny Hooper Thank you , your majesty, for a lifetime of devotion and selfless service to us. You were a wonderful queen and a much loved and respected lady. R.I.P. Exeter, Devon
Rebecca Hawes Your majesty, you were the first memory I had with my nan, our tradition every Christmas and an amazing role model for all women. Rest in Peace The Queen Canterbury
Wuraola Adesiyan Thank you for being an inspiration to many young girls and for all the opportunities you gave migrants in Britain. I call you blessed KENT, UK
Jean Rollins We will miss you so much your majesty you have dedicated you whole life to your people time now for you to rest in peace with your darling husband God Bless and Thank You xx BELFAST NORTHERN IRELAND
Pranab Maji Queen Elizabeth II you are one of the great legendary of British Monarchy. You bring valuable changes among all human being across the world. Your human touch is always remembered as an unique aspects of the global society.
Thanking you,
Pranab Maji
Anne Coward My 3 young boys and I met the Queen in 1990 when she visited Eton College during the school's anniversary of its foundation. After waiting for a short while in school yard, the queen appeared and my eldest son then aged 5, and reluctantly holding a posy, said "oh it's only a grandmother" they were expecting her to be wearing her crown! God bless and thank you xx Wiltshire
Denise Weddell My thoughts are with the royal family at this poignant moment,
Ma'am my you rest in peace
Morpeth Northumberland
Mary Broderick I was truly sorry to hear about the passing away of Queen Elizabeth. I have great admiration for her. My sincere condolences to all the family. Snodland, Kent
Billy cottee-read Queen Elizabeth II was one of the greatest monarchs the country has ever seen. Her devotion to duty made her one of the best figureheads for the British state both nationally and internationally. I doubt my generation will see such a committed world leader in our generation.
Justin Houghton May her majesty rest in eternal peace and God have mercy on her soul. France
Jacqueline Woods May you rest in peace after a lifetime of service to all your subjects throughout the world. You will be sadly missed. Harare Zimbabwe
Alice P-A Sorry queen i loved u N
Martha Carter Thank you for your unwavering service to this country. Thank you for the way you continually put duty to others above any duty to yourself, for the way you carried on despite difficulties and discouragements. The world will miss your wisdom and your lovely smile. Thank you for being a beautiful example of what it means to serve God and to rely on Him. Whilst we miss you now, I'm glad to know I'll see you in glory and I can't wait to meet you there.My condolences to the Royal Family and the members of staff who worked closely with Her Majesty, I pray you will all know God's comforting hand. Broadstairs
Lucia Stampa Estimado rey, aun que no soy del Reino Unido, estoy viviendo alli ahora. Les mando mi mas gran pesame y rezo por ustedes. Stonyhurst College
Romana Mewett I will respect your sense of dedication, duty and diplomacy all of your life. You have been a great person to all of us in my family. I miss you as I have lived with you all my life. It was a great thing for me to have served you in the navies of UK and Australia and it was an honour to do so. My partner says thank you vale. Paignton, Devon
Bezawit Rest in peace Her majesty the Queen. Ethiopia
Selena King God bless the Queen. Her Majesty has been an inspiration to so many throughout her life and her smile, wisdom, sense of duty and humanity will continue to shine through for generations to come! May she rest in peace. Sending our sincere condolence to the Royal Family. Xx Suffolk
Julie pickard R.I.P. YOUR MAJESTY . Little eccleston Preston
Jean Laybutt Rest In Peace, lovely lady. Sydney, Australia
Col Wilkinson Served in the British Army for Queen and Country. God bless. Sydney. Australia
Rosalin Wilkinson God bless to such a wonderful lady, witnessed her coronation and her passing, never waived in her duties. Sydney. Australia
Diane L Mercier Her Majesty the Queen has served as an exceptional example of kindness, service, and selflessness to so many throughout the world. After hearing the Queen's Christmas broadcast during Covid, I was inspired to write her to thank her for her inspiration in a difficult time. Her reply was a priceless gift. Monument, Colorado, USA
Wisdom Nwabugwu Queen Elizabeth II, You are such a great personality full. May soul rest in perfect peace. I ask God the grace upon the royal family to be able to bear the loss. Nigeria
Festus, Ogbonna Ukpa My thoughts and feeling are with the Royal Family and the good people of the UK today and always. May Her late Majesty continue to rest in the Lord, Amen. Nigeria
Heather Merrill The nation will be forever indebted in Queen Elizabeth II as her like will not be seen again. Few have ever served so many with such dedicated, unswerving commitment, kindness, dignity and strength. Qualities that have shaped and guided her people and her Commonwealth. As we commemorate her life, her memory will be deeply cherished, celebrated and genuinely missed. The United Kingdom was blessed to have her for as long as we did and we could never have had her for long enough.
Reanna Rest in peace Queen Lizzy kent
Aris Suris With sadness, you will be missed United States of America Florida
Kyrie We respect the Queen Elizabeth and honor her with love. Alabama
Ava Rose Honor the Queen Elizabeth and her journey to heaven, we respect all her achievements. Alabama
Acacia I will pay my respect Queen Elizabeth and the Royal family Rest In Peace. Alabama
Antoinnette I honor the Queen Elizabeth for her beauty and warmth we love her and the royal family. Alabama
Jessie B. Yes I would pay my respect to a remarkable beautiful lady Queen Elizabeth, God bless her children, husband she will be miss I share my tears of love and joy, may the host of angels be at her side. Alabama
Mohammed Munir The greatest monarch in our lifetime, may her majesty rest in peace
Andrea Croucher RIP your majesty and my sincere condolences to the royal family Rochester kent
Ruth Morgan My deepest sympathy to all the family have seen her on her visits I am a follower of all royalty God BLESS Ruth Wales Llanelli
Eleanor Debrah Rest In Peace Queen Elizabeth II. May the Good Lord comfort your soul, Amen.
Shivani May your majesty rest in peace. India
Carol Pearce The Late Queen Elizabeth the second, will be missed but never forgotten.You are a true Monarch and a hard working woman right to the end, You are safe in the arms of angels. Rest in Peace Queen Elizabeth ll with all my love Carol xx Redditch Worcestershire
Jason Minter With as much love and condolences a child of Britannia can garner for such a faithful and caring Monarch, I offer it to you as you pass the gates of heaven from the bottom of my heart. Woodnesborough
Vanessa Puttee "Grief is the price we pay for Love". Thank you for your caring life long service to our country & beyond. We appreciated you & will miss you. May the Christian values you lived by be contagious in all of us now. Rest in peace with your Heavenly Father & be reunited with Prince Philip again. Our sympathy is with the Royal family. God bless King Charles lll. From Ian, Vanessa & Paul Puttee. Dartford, Kent
Susan Noble My family would like to pass on our condolences to the royal family on the death of Queen Elizabeth ii. We thank her for her devotion and dedication. R.I.P. your majesty. Jarrow
Ann Frost You have been with me since i was a child. I had many books throughout her reign following all the happy, sad, difficult times and through it all you were a steadfast figure. Guiding us through Brexit.Covid etc. A comforting presence I shall miss you and all that you stood for. Sleep in peace WITNEY OXON
Lavinia B Edwards Thank you Ma'am for your devotion to your People in the UK and the Commonwealth. We shall miss your lovely smile and your words of wisdom. After a lifetime of Service and dedication, may you now rest in peace. God Bless you Cowes Isle of Wight
Michael & Julie Madin Rest in peace your Majesty we are Army veterans and now belong to The Lancers Queen Elizabeth's Own so I will say JOB DONE OR GLORY as we say to all veterans who pass on God Bless You and GOD BLESS THE KING. Grimsby
Anne Gladman Your Magesty.
I am very saddened to here of your passing.
The most beautiful, caring lady
Your country is now mourning your loss. God bless you
You are now the arms of your beloved husband
Rest in peace
Suzanne guscott Rip.your majesty Strood kent
jackie anderson i will never for get you that you sent me a letter when your husband died i am a big fan of you all royal godbless rest in peace well misst, bham
Bernandita Linawan Our deepest sympathies and condolences to the Royal family of passing Queen Elizabeth. May God gives comfort, hope , strength and love to the Royal immediate family ?-️ Brampton Ontario
Andrew fisher Rip -to our late queen 11 . Rest in peace to our beautiful queen. Condolences to the royal family. Chatham kent
William Podlaski We loved the Queen. Rest in Peace. New Jersey USA
Patricia coulson-wood rest in peace Queen Elizabeth.x nr york
Steven Blondin Queen mother may you rest in peace, prayer and condolences to your family during this time of sorrow. Brampton, Ontario, Canada
Vanessa Puttee "Grief is the price we pay for Love". Thank you for your caring life long service to our country & beyond. We appreciated you & will miss you. May the Christian values you lived by be contagious to us all now. Rest in peace with your Heavenly Father & reunited with Prince Philip again. Our sympathy's are with the Royal family.God bless King Charles lll from Ian, Vanessa & Paul Puttee. Dartford Kent
Sourav Naik RIP your majesty HH Elizabeth II ! Your values and the legacy will be treasured . Bhubaneswar,Odisha,India
Brenda Bower So sorry to hear of the passing of our wonderful Queen Elizabeth. She was such an inspiration to everyone. So lovely and cheerful all the time. I will never forget her in 2012 with James Bond at the Olympics, nor her teatime with Paddington Bear. I hope she remembered to take a marmalade sandwich with her "for later". Rest in Peace, your Majesty, and find rest with your beloved Phillip and corgis/dorgies etc. Hawkinge, Kent
Sui Yin Athow Rest in Peace Your Majesty. You will be missed by the whole world. Thank you for being our Queen for 70 years and for all you have done for this country. Limbury
Thiru Govindan Very sadden the passing of the Her Majesty the Queen. I felt that I've lost a very closed family member. I loved so much the Her Majesty the Queen. I'm sure that she is resting in Heaven with the Lord. May the soul of the her majesty Queen RIP. My deepest and heartfelt condolences to the Royal family Melbourne Victoria
Salem Ait bousakif my condolences to the Royal family for the loss of the Quine Elisabeth 2
Marrakech Morocco
Laura Peel Thank you for being a wonderful Queen and for everything you have done for everyone around the world you should be very proud off yourself your father will be very proud of your 70 year reign you never put a foot out of line. I send my condolences to the whole Royal Family and wish King Charles III a long and healthy reign as our King.
RIP to The Queen our Queen. XOXO
Carrickfergus Northern Ireland
Mr & Mrs Raphael Jacob Benzimra Always in our thoughts.
Thank you.
Dawn Ellison We as a family will truly miss the Queen. R.I.P birkenhead
Louise Knight My thoughts are with the Royal Family today and always. May Her late Majesty rest in peace. You'll be sadly missed Port talbot
Tina Nicholson RIP Your Majesty. You have served our country well, now be with your beloved Phlilip Rotherham southyorkshire
Class Sunshine 8 at Shorefields School Thank you for being our lovely Queen and for being a kind lady. Thank for looking after us for 70 years and making our country the best. Clacton-On-Sea, Essex
Joshua Cook Rest in Peace your majesty. I hope you enjoy the afterlife with Philip
Lisa Ann Whitten Sansum To a Lady whom was a truly magnificent example of being truly fun with Paddington Bear. Just there for her children. Always kept the monarchie true. Which she did. She was just the example to us all. We Lisa, Mark and our Son Alex. Will never forget you. You will be Missed. All our Love Lisa Sansum, Mark Sansum and Alexander Sansum. Basildon
David Smith It was an incredibly sad day to hear of the passing of Queen Elizabeth II and a day I'm sure none of us will ever forget! What an incredible Queen and role model she was. You will be missed by everyone. R.I.P your Ma'am Canterbury
Clare Thank you Your Majesty for your life long dedication to our country. You were an inspiration to so many. Deepest sympathies to the Royal Family. Kent
Mrs Sandra Eaves I can remember the Queen's coronation as a young child. She has honoured her commitment in full. Rest In Peace, your Majesty. God Save the King. Wirral
MS Madelyn Anne Collier Born in 1950, I've only known the Queen as the figurehead of our country. God bless, and rest in peace your majesty; your son Charles will carry on the good work. God Save the King. Wirral
Arshafeen zaman My Condolences to the Royal Family on the passing of Our Queen. She will be remembered by everyone around the World for her Kindness, her beautiful smiled, her sense of humour and mist of all her love to humanity. May God Bless the Queen and May God grant her paradise in his beautiful garden. The world will miss the Queen. May Gid Bless The Queen. Arshafeen Zaman Ontario
Rasheedah Mustafa For many years I have watched the activities of the HM Queen Elizabeth II and was always impressed with her wisdom and sage counsel in most of her duties. At her passing, I am deeply touched and pray for all of us who now grieve. May God reward her for her devoted service. Condolences to the Royal Family. Kansas City
Sylvia Opper I wish to pay my respects to Queen Elizabeth II. She truly was a grande grande dame. May she RIP amidst bright colours she wore so gracefully in life. A humble subject. Vevey Switzerland
Akinola Sijuade Ayorinde May Her Majesty gentle soul rest in peace.
Istanbul turkey
Dawne Toohey I remember your silver Jubliee celebration here in Australia. Condolences to all the family, and you will be missed. Limore NSW Australia
Zuzanna Makowska Even though I never met you in person, I've always held you in a warm place in my heart. I hope you rest in peace and I hope your family has the time to grieve and to celebrate your life.
Reid Miles My sincere condolences.
She was a amazing women
Chicago, IL USA
Abigeal Ayanniran May you soul rest in the blossom of the Most High Nigeria
Dorota Kosior God bless You and You Family Eliot College
Tracy Kippax Our deepest sympathy to the Royal family. A great lady a great queen truly inspirational, will be truly missed. God save the king. Lancashire
Lewis God Save the Queen London
Chris Stone Phillip came to me today, and said it was time to go. I looked at him and smiled, as I whispered that I know. I then turned and looked behind me, and seen I was asleep. All my Family were around me, and I could hear them weep. I gently touched each shoulder, with Phillip by my side. Then I turned away and walked, with My Angel guide. Phillip held my hand, as he lead the way, to a world where Kings and Queens, are Monarchies every day. I was given a crown to wear or a Halo known by some. The difference is up here, they are worn by everyone. I felt a sense of peace, my reign had seen its end. 70 years I had served my Country, as the peoples friend. Thank you for the years, for all your time and love. Now I am one of two again, in our Palace up above. Suffolk
Sarah S Rest in peace your Majesty and thank you for everything . Your complete devotion to your duties since you became Queen at such a young age is remarkable. You are faultless and an inspiration to us all . We shall never forget your kindness, strength of character, consistency and wisdom . You will be sadly missed . Thank you so much for being Elizabeth The Great ! Farningham
Komal Mahmood Dear your majesty the queen, your long reign and your extraordinary life will be passed on the next generation we will miss you.
Wendy Allen My sincere heartfelt sympathy to His Majesty The King and to all members of the royal family. All my life I have admired Queen Elizabeth, the selfless way in which she reigned was astounding, and she did it so graciously. As one of your subjects I share your grief. Love to you all xx Allington, Grantham
Kerry Myers My sincere condolences to The Royal family at this sad time. The Queen was cherished by many and will be sadly missed. A truly inspirational lady.
Rest in peace Ma'am.
Barrow in Furness
David Edwards I want to pass my condolences to the Royal family at this difficult and upsetting time.Queen Elizabeth was such a sweet, lovely lady and I feel sad at her passing. I wish to send my love to all the children on their loss. Thank you and rest in peace Queen Elizabeth and long may King Charles III reign. With love and sympathy from David Edwards Hawkinge, Kent
Grant & Margaret Lamb Thank you for your many years of service to the United Kingdom and your commonwealth. Rest in peace.You may be gone will never be forgotten. Wishaw, Scotland
Destiny Thank you for being such an inspiration to the girl child and Thank you so for opening up your doors to us all. Rest In Peace your majesty. Canterbury
Carol Edwards I was so saddened to hear of the death of our beloved Queen Elizabeth II. She always set a wonderful example of inspiration. A lovely woman to look up to. My thoughts go out to her family, especially to the new King Charles. Rest in peace with your beloved Phillip. Hawking, Kent
Jacqui Pickering Thank you for your lifelong service to our country. Rest in peace Gravesend Kent
Tlotlo Tumiso Suping My condolences to the Royal Family and may the Queen's soul rest in peace Gaborone
Stephanie Reed In memory of a great Queen, rest in peace your majesty Canterbury
Kevin Williams Thank you for your service and being an awesome head of state.
You will be missed, your majesty
Stacie nicholls RIP to a inspirational women who served our country it's your time to rest now fly your wings Watton carbrooke
Debbie To our beautiful queen, may u rest in peace, sadly missed by the nation sending love to the Royal family Carbrooke
Praise Olatunde REST IN PEACE QUEEN ELIZABETH, even though i wasn't able to meet you in person you seemed like an amazing woman who wanted to do her best. Being a Queen wasn't like a job to you, it was part of you, which is why you are the longest reigning monarch. You are now are rest along side your Husband you can finally rest as your Son is now taking over. As they say in Spanish, Que descanse en paz. Rest in peace. Your Majesty
Brian Kavanagh RIP Your Majesty and thank you for all the years of dedication and service not only to the people of this country but to all those around the world. Burnley
Christine Jean Hewitt I am so sorry for the passing of the Queen, she was a wonderful kind lady who gave her all for this country and the world. I am sure she is roaming the Balmoral Estate with Prince Philip and all her beloved animals who have passed before her. She will always be with us in spirit and in our hearts. May she be truly happy in the afterlife because she deserves to be after all her years of devotion and service to others. Burnley
Elaine Cole All the world's a stage and all men women merely players We all have our exits and entrances .One man in his time plays many parts (The seven ages of man).
You lived a full life mam.
Now rest in power your Majesty
Denise Robinson You was the Queen of the country and queen of all our hearts will be very much missed. God rest in peace. Great Yarmouth
Emmanuel Essandoh My grandmum met The Queen several Years ago in Ghana and she tells me from time time how they sang for her. Especially "God save the Queen". My love for her was really brightened with those stories that i wished i met her. Yet May her beautiful soul rest in the bossom of our Father. Ghana
Ian & Helen Dickie RIP Your Majesty.
We shall never see you likes again.
Deborah Enyia Rest in peace your majesty... You will never be forgotten Nigeria
Emma Stevenson Sending all my love to the royal family at this very difficult time. The Queen will forever me remembered as an incredible and dedicated women. The work she did for this country was amazing. Hope she is in peace now with her love Price Phillip. Crowthorne
Sheila Kirwan Thank you for your extraordinary selfless service..may you rest in peace and achieve the highest bliss Canterbury
Funmi Adeyemi I wish you eternal rest, our Queen. My deepest condolences to the Royal Family and the entire United kingdom! Abuja, Nigeria
Denis & Deborah Chapman Rest in Peace Your Majesty Twyford
Olivier Santos A very fine lady passed away last week. As she said ones 'grief if the price we pay for love'. Whitstable
Tom Lawrence Thank you for your seventy years of selfless service. May you rest in eternal peace.
Bruce Hickmott You have been there all the years of my life, a solid rock in an ever changing sea.
Rest in peace Your Majesty
Louise Hickmott Thank you Your Majesty for being a constant reassuring presence and selfless monarch. Rest in peace Faversham
Umar Abdulhamid Adam The Queen has left. Our condolences to the realm. Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria.
George Jopson Very sad day. She was well beloved and we will cherish her memory.
Ray Allard It is with sadness I have learned of the passing of our Queen Elizabeth 11. She has reigned over the country since one week before my birth and so I have always been aware of her place in the world. Such an outstanding achievement over so may years by her Majesty. My sympathy and condolences to all of her family. Canterbury
Felicity Pryor The moment you heard news of your own father's passing whilst in Kenya, my uncle was part of the team looking after you and since that moment our family have had a keen interest and admiration for all you did and how you did it. I have never known anyone to serve so graciously and with such dignity. The world has lost a bright spark and you will be truly missed.
My own grandmother is also being laid to rest on Monday 19th September, and like you was a wonderful great grandmother, grandmother and mother and the matriarch of our family. You were both loved dearly and will both be in good company. Rest in peace your Majesty, your job here is done.
With love.
Fliss & my daughters Evie (8), Lulu (6) and Alanna (1) x
Fradswell, Staffordshire
Mrs Arti Sethi Vyas RIP Queen Elizabeth, you have been an inspiration to many women in a man's world right until the very end, RIP Canterbury
Kimberly Omidiran A Great Monarch who served with empathy, strength, honour and love all the way to the end. Rest well HRH Queen Elizabeth II. London
Peter Even here in America, we mourn for the loss of her majesty. She was a beacon of hope and honor in a world that constantly seemed to change. No matter the circumstances, she stood proud of the United Kingdom and the people she served. She served as an inspiration to many and her legacy will never be forgotten. USA
Peter Anders The queen served as an inspiration to many all over the world. Even here, in America, we mourn her loss. My heart and condolences go out to the royal family and the people of the United Kingdom. Her majesty will be greatly missed. United States
Lord Henfield Never has so much been owed by so many to only one sovereign. Thank You and Farewell Your Majesty. Lord Henfield (The Grand Bible). Guildford
Abisha Tanaka You will forever be missed, the gap you have left no one can fill it. Rest in peace Her Majesty the Queen. Zimbabwe
Deborah tshanda kalala With pain in my heart. Please accept my deepest condolences to the royal family. It was with great sadness that we learned of our lovely Queen Elizabeth the second passed away you will always be remembered in our hearts

KS Rest in Eternal Peace London
Rita Uzoh You never knew us but we loved you. Rest in peace, our Queen. Lagos, Nigeria
John A. Standen To Queen Elizabeth ...
Thank you for 70 years of service you gave the British people.
you are sadly missed and will always be remembered
My thoughts are with the Royal Family at this sad time.
Please rest in peace your majesty .
God Save the King..
Fortune Masiye Rest in peace your majesty. South Africa
Maureen Hazelton Over many decades, I have admired the late Queen Elizabeth II. Her Majesty provided stability and guidance during her long reign. I, along with millions throughout the world, shall miss this remarkable woman. R.I.P. Broken Arrow, Oklahoma USA
Irene Ritchie Your Majesty, thank you for everything you did for this country and throughout the world . RIP. Wye ashford
Irene & Paul Johnson We admired Her Majesty for her steadfast Christian faith, her hard work for our country, her love for her people and her beautiful smile. Rest well with Philip ... thank you Maam Wigan
Ellie-Lin Your majesty, thank you very much for your constant commitment and service to your country, I am forever humbled to be your loyal subject. May you rest in peace with your dearly departed husband. Kent
Tochi Chinasa Ifezue Rest in peace your majesty. You shall be greatly missed. London
Folasade Usiagwu Rest in perfect peace your Royal Majesty. Nigeria
Ellie May she rest in peace Gillingham
Akinbobola Ganiyu Rest in peace queen Nigeria
Rt Rev Dr Keerthisiri Fernando May her Majesty rest in peace and rise in glory! KURUNAGALA - Sri Lanka
Amanda Jane Price
An extremely sad time for us all. The terrible loss of our dear Queen who served our Country with kindness and compassion. The Queen will never be forgotten.
Fernhill Heath Worcester
Opeyemi RIP Queen Nigeria
Justina Normanyo Rest in Perfect Peace our sweet and noble Queen. You did great, marvellous and tirelessly there for your people till your last breath. God Almighty receive you unto his bosom and keep you eternally. You will be greatly, fondly missed. Southwark, London
Dennis Osei Appiah Rest In Peace. The Only Queen i know and will always know. Rest well GrandMaa Ghana
Ellie Lane My thoughts and feeling are with the Royal Family today and always. Thank you for your many years of service to this country. May Her late Majesty rest in peace, thank you for you reign. God Save The Queen. Braintree
Taiwo Ayodeji Gbolagade May the loving heart of the Queen rest in peace. The world will miss your gentle smile. Lagos, Nigeria
Becky Verlin May your path be true and your memory live on for many years to come. An inspiration to us all. Rest in peace your majesty. Park Wood university of Kent
Sarah Skinner You were and will always be an inspirational women that gave stability and comfort in the most unsettling times .You will be forever missed but not forgotten. Rest in peace its your time now to let the rest take the reins. Thank you for everything and more x Blean, Canterbury
Jane Huttley God bless we were very lucky to have you in our lives my you rest in Peace Barham Kent
Chris Huttley RIP Queen Elizabeth Barham
Oscar Francis-West My condolences to the Royal Family for monarch who defined an era and God Save the King! Bedfordshire
Pamela White As a Canadian and Commonwealth member, the Queen has been an enduring, beloved feature in my life. Her dedication to service was unending and constant. Her presence on the international scene will be missed. Canterbury
Saeed Akhtar It is with great sadness that I have learned of the death of Her Majesty The Queen. My thoughts are with His Majesty King Charles III and other members of the royal family at this very difficult time. I join with the rest of the British nation and people the world over in mourning her death. Pakistan
DAVID DAMILOLA I send my condolence to the Royal Family & King Charles. Rest in peace your majesty. NIGERIA
Victoria Pia Rosato Thank you Her Majesty for surving our country and the British Commonwealth, no other person could have taken the throne at such a young age and devoted their entire life as you did.
... and I shall say for the last time " God save the Queen".
Monty and Yvonne Marsh Thank you for 70 years of dedicated service. You will be remembered fondly. Ellesmere Port, Cheshire.
Pauline Rose Thank you for all your years of service. Rest in Peace Eliot / Parkwood Reception
Christine Devlin God rest Elizabeth our late queen who has served her people with great love and devotion And has gained the respect and love of all her peoples. She was a very great lady! Her example to her son has assured us another great monarch though her like will never be seen again. RIP Stockport
Mr Boniface Kisambira and Mrs Florence Kisambira Dear Royal family, My whole entire family here and in the United Kingdom stand firmly with you as we all celebrate and thank God for the gracious, dignified and ultra humble life of her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth 11 in service to us all and world. We continue to ask God to have mercy on her soul and Immaculate Heart of Mary embrace her as she has embraced the whole world and my family too.amen We pray the Almighty in His love and grace now guides King Charles 111 for all his life of service. THANK for all you did for me any my WHOLE ENTIRE FAMILY through the generosity of the British Council Scholarships in 1980. GOD BLESS THE KING! Wairaka, Jinja Uganda
Patricia & Roger Wainwright An Incredible lady and an inspiration to so many. Lympsham somerset
Mandy Butler Sad times. My sincere condolences to the whole Family and nation. We lost a great Mother figure. Arts and Humanities - Cornwallis
paul smith I send my condolence to the Royal Family & King Charles, may her late Majesty rest well and i thank you for your reign saxmundham
Robert Dabson I remember seeing the Queen in person. Hearing her speak is something I'll never forget. Whenever someone says the Queen everyone knows who they're talking about. She will be immortalised in history as George Eliot wrote "Our dead are never dead to us, until we have forgotten them." God bless the Queen.
Antony RIP Shropshire
Rebecca Hall We mourn the loss of one of the most loved female role models in the world. Thank you for your strength and service. R.I.P Queen Elizabeth II Canterbury
Carmen Stoian Her Majesty has been an inspiration to so many throughout her life and her smile, wisdom, sense of duty and humanity will continue to shine through for generations to come! May she rest in peace. Sending our sincere condolence to the Royal Family. Canterbury
Sara Witchell Thank you for your lifetime of service. You have always been there, representing our country, quietly supporting.... we will never see the like again. Thank you Canterbury
Victoria Slatcher Like lots of people you have been Queen all my life, you have left behind such a strong legacy which was admired by so many. The world will feel empty without you but through your son King Charles III you will live on through him and of course your gorgeous grandchildren and great grandchildren. Sleep tight our Queen and rejoin with your beloved Phillip. Leeds West Yorkshire
Don Shaw-Case The Queen was an example of life long dedication to duty and an inspiration to countless generations. I feel enormous sympathy for the loss to the royal family, and the nation as a whole, but I also feel a personal sense of loss at the passing of such a woman of integrity and nobility. Canterbury
Connor Underwood Rest in peace, your Majesty.
Diane Thank you for your years of service to this country. I was honoured to attend one of your many garden parties at the palace. You will be missed terribly, but have left your faith in our new king . God bless and RIP United with Philip. Hardy
Philip Andoh The world has lost a great person in the name of the queen and his kindness will always be remembered. She's gone physically but she still remains with us. May her soul rest in perfect peace. Ghana- Elubo
Mary McCarthy Rest in peace queen Elizabeth. Re-united with your husband Rutherford dining hall
Damilare Gbodimowo May her soul rest in peace Nigeria
Kezia Rest in peace you majesty you have been such a inspiration to women all over the world. Kent
Gilain K. Cale Makombe Majesty, It was with deep and sincere dismay and immense sadness that I learned of the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. At this time of mourning and pain, I offer to Your Majesty and the entire Royal Family, as well as to all Britons, on behalf of the Cale Makombe family and in my own, my sincere condolences, conveying my deepest condolences for the loss suffered. I am certain that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will remain for all an example of courage, dedication, stability and an unshakable sense of public service, as she has been throughout her more than 96 years of life and 70 years of reign. Luanda, Angola
Glenys Maycock I remember watching the coronation on a small TV when i was 7 years old. I still have the blue book that was given to all school children, and remember a small plastic Golden Coach toy. The Queen was a constant in my life. I will miss her smile. RIP
Janette Meyrick Thank you Your Majesty for your life of service. Your work is now done! May you rest in peace with your beloved Philip in Heaven with Almighty God. X Hoo St Werburgh, Kent
Zubeida Mohammed God Bless you. Rest in peace.

Sonja Sinden-Church Thank you for all you did and Rest in Peace. God Bless you. Colchester
Jennifer Taylor There are no words that can fill the void you are leaving. RIP dear lady, and Thank you, you have been a Great inspiration to us all.
Patsy & Family Thank you for your service. We will miss you and your nation and world mourns the loss of someone so special. May you rest in peace
Rest in Peace Your Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
Faith Swiss-Ajiboye I have read and admired the queen all my life. She represents a true and consistent leader the world over which I hope to meet someday. I am sad about her passing and have been mourning the great loss to the world for a couple of days. I wish you eternal rest, my Queen. Nigeria
Michael Hart A great life, well and truly lived. You have proved to be a constant model of inspiration for us all - and may your legacy continue Bomsgrove, Worcs
Victoria O'Neil You were an amazing Queen and you will be missed. May you rest in peace. My thoughts and prayers are with the Royal family. Adelaide, South Australia
Peter Stiffell Your Majesty,

Our guiding light, our Judith, our one true queen. No words can ever fill the void you have created as you make your final journey to the everlasting kingdom.

Thank you for everything you have done for us, I am proud to be an Elizabethan. Though history calls your namesake our greatest queen, I confidently proclaim that you will forever be know as Gloriana; Our Queen of Hearts.

May God bless you my queen & enjoy everlasting life with your beloved husband Philip & all those who have reserved you a place in Heaven. Your time to stand down from duty has arrived, we shall support and protect your son, our new and rightful king.

Our Queen, Our Judith, Our Gloriana, Our Elizabeth.
Thank you, for everything.
Sakila Daniel Bidal Rest in Peace Your Majesty You shall remain in our hearts. Juba-South Sudan
Na Thank you for your amazing contribution to humanity. What a remarkable lady you are. May you rest in delightful peace and tranquility X Bliss out Elizabeth, you deserve a good rest. Much love x uk
Irina Rest in peace, your majesty! Armenia
Megan Freeman Rest in peace.
Deepa A great example of persistence and royalty... raising above a multitudes of changes and being a role model. Wishing her soul find a peaceful place in heaven. Strength to the Royal family India
Kathy Kotiadis Rest in peace Queen Elizabeth II. You have been an inspiration and the ultimate female leader. Thank you for your lifelong service. Canterbury
Pamela Mc Garvie The Queen was just adorable. I believe her son Charles will make a great King as she wished. RIP your majesty. Edinburgh Scotland
Robin Scott Your Majesty, you will be very much missed, Thank you for all your dedication to this wonderful country. Edinburgh
Mia Portch I am thankful for all the queen has done for our country and her strength and determination that has led us through some of our darkest times. rest in peace forevermore our queen Elizabeth II. I hope you are reunited with your dear Phillip. West Molesey
Julia stone Thank you Queen Elizabeth for being a constant in my life. Your passing I still can't believe. You were our greatest. We wish King Charles all my best, and all send all the Royal family our prayers and deepest sympathies. Lincolnshire
Sarath Kizhakkoott Rest in peace, your majesty. You will always be remembered as a great QUEEN. Thank You!! India
Julie Deary Thank you for a lifetime of service and commitment to our country. May you rest in peace with your beloved Philip x Canterbury
Jennifer Learoyd You will always be remembered Ma'am, as a wonderful leader and a truly loved Monarch. My best wishes, sympathy, empathy and heartfelt condolences go to your immediate and extended family.
God save the King - Charles III,
Mohammed Alhassan Ammar May her majesty's soul find peace in heaven, my condolences to the royal family, may god give them the strength to get through this and find solace. Sudan
Henry case Rest in peace your majesty the world won't be the same without you you will be greatly missed I will miss that lovely smile. orpington
Helen Marsh Thank you for your hard-working dedication. Whitstable
Frances and Peter Yeo The "Queen Elizabeth" rose in our garden will be a constant lovely reminder of our wonderful and exceptional Queen Elizabeth 11 of over 70 years. You will be sadly missed and deserve to RIP. Long live King Charles 111. Marton, Gainsborouhh
Eileen Haskell On the death of our Queen Elizabeth she will be sadly missed Ashford
Christine Duke Joshua 1:9 Be strong and courageous .do not be afraid : do not be discouraged , for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go. The queens smile will always with us. Telling my two granddaughter why we had celebrations for queen her platinum jubilee memories they will cherish of the queen like we all will. Our hearts to out to you all as you remember your queen ,mother,grandmother and great grandmother. A smile stays with us always. Loving wishes, Christine & Kevin, Victoria & Cheryl, Granddaughter Scarlett & laylah Essex
Sahil Verma After loosing my dad, I understood that grief comes in waves. That's why I intend to be with the Queen's family throughout this difficult journey. May the Queen Rest In Peace. Punjab, India
Sophie Brooks You will be missed, rest in peace Kent
Joy Hamilton She will be sadly missed. A wonderful Queen never to be forgotten. My thoughts are with the whole of her family at this very sad time. Milton Keynes
Ajay Rajkoomar I send my condolence to the Royal Family & King Charles. I was a fan of the queen I met her at Waterloo Station surrey
Colin Day In memory of a wonderful lady and Queen.
Thank you.
Dunmow Essex
Georgina Stubbs For 70 years you kept us safe, Inside the glow of your royal embrace, Giving us hope and giving us faith that...Beneath the crown of your Holy lands, Goodness shall prevail. "Wishing you were here forever.' Sheffield
Remi Iwayemi Your Royal Highness, your grace and elegance will sadly be missed, but we know you are resting in the bosom of our Lord. Sleep well Your Royal Majesty, till we meet at the feet of our God and King. Lagos, Nigeria
Wendy Cooper It is with the deepest sympathy that I extend my thoughts and wishes to remember Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth on her passing away. Words can not express how much this has touched myself and indeed all of her loyal subjects. She will no doubt be missed by all, she was and will always be the symbol of what is the very best of this country, touching so many lives for such a very long time. May God bless her and all of her family for the years to come. Thank you Your Majesty. Long live King Charles III x Maidstone
Andrea Sreckovic Her Majesty the Queen was not only a huge inspiration to many, she was also a mother, wife and grandmother like many other women. She paved the way for the masses with her charitable work, fashion statements and army service. She travelled the globe on state and leisurely visits and thereby connected the world-everyone, even indigenous peoples, knowing her name. Her love didn't stop at individuals and peoples alike, but extended to animals as well, such as her corgis, horses and swans. No-one can, or will ever, replace the Queen, she has touched many hearts and joined the world as one. She has joined the angels and the cherubs in heaven and will reign forever in our hearts. God save the Queen and rest in peace Your Majesty.
Yuanpeng RIP. God bless your work. Happy new life in the Paradise.
Rhonda Wright We are saddened to hear of the passing of Her Majesty the Queen. She will always be Canada's Queen a golden thread between Canada and England. Our deepest sympathies to the entire Royal Family, The United Kingdom and Members of the Commonwealth. As well our sympathies to the World of people who cherished this remarkable Queen. I grew up admiring the Queen and learnt from her great service and duty to her people/World and her country. May she Rest In Peace. God Save the King. Canada
Rhea Cosico Rest in Peace our Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, you are an inspiration to many. We came here as immigrants and became a citizen of this country. You will never be forgotten. Gillingham Kent
John Crofts A monarch like no other. Long may you live in our memories. God save the king. Dover, England
Keith and Sheila Jones Rest in peace your Majesty, you will be greatly missed. Durrington Wiltshire
Mharie Kissell Thank you for being our strength and stay all of these years. Your love, respect, kindness and loyalty has touched our hearts and will remain forever. I have no doubt that your beautiful family will do your legacy justice. Rest easy, your Majesty x Glasgow
Nicola Harris To our dearest king and family, you will always have my Love and support in all that you do, I trust mine and my families lives in your care, as I say with all my heart I trust you as a person not just as my king, your beloved mother lives on in your hearts as she does in ours, trust in us your people and know we believe in you as we know you Love us just as we love you, never doubt how much you mean to us ,prime ministers come and go but the one rock your people cling to and have faith in is you, though the wind of a storm may blow hard and bitter we know your arms are around us and the Love we have for you will always keep you strong enough to hold us all. All my dearest love to you all my king. Nicola x x x x Evesham
Chiemelie I hoped one day I would meet you, guessed that day won't come again Nigeria
Freda Acquaye Rest easy now your majesty. My deepest condolences. Ghana
Arwa Alhyari My deepest condolences in memoriam of the legend Queen Elizabeth II Jordan
Andy Lingwood RIP Queen Elizabeth II and my sincere condolences to the Royal Family - I had the honour and privilege to call you 'The Boss' on two occasions in my career with the RN and the Police.
Long live the King, Charles III
Campus Security
Tina I have met the Queen a few times. She was always graceful kind and would put you at ease. A very sad time for us all. Rest in peace your duty is done. United with your beloved husband. Canterbury
Ben imoudu Like a colossus,you Marshall your Troup around the world,preaching peace and progress..after the saw the birth of nations and fall of tyrants....As you rest, please tell heaven we are in need of peace in Africa,and a true leader in NIGERIA....Ma'am do rest well,you have done your part....I pray to be as old as you are .... accomplishing all my dreams....Rest ma'am Abuja
Janet Gibson My dearest Queen, you have shared my life as I have shared yours, through sadness, joy, difficult times and great moments. I shall miss you always being there, a solid rock never wavering. May God be with you and the wind in your sails to take you on to your next journey. Oldham
Jessica Rest in Peace. Thank you for your dedication to the service of our country and representing your people throughout your historic reign. God save the Queen.
Anthonia Oso Her majesty was a very graceful woman. Your lifestyle is an exemplary one. May your gentle soul continue rest in peace Lagos, Nigeria
John Lister to all the members of our royal family, you are all in my thoughts and god bless the queen for her service to us all. Only ever seen her once when she passed our school netherhall maryport, cumbria, it was back in the early eighties, I will always remember that day dearham cumbria
Leah Ridout A Queen to remember. An icon to never forget.
Faith Obafemi Queen Elizabeth was a constant factor in a changing world. The entire Commonwealth misses her. Rest well, Your Majesty. Nigeria
Patricia I will always remember and cherish the day of the Queen's visit to UKC, from the moment I heard she was coming to the array of shop window displays featuring the community's photos of her afterward. The local newspaper had a contest to select the best photos and they were posted with pride all along High Street. Students rose early that morning to see her arrival. It wasn't an enormous crowd then so we could easily get surprisingly close. She was all smiles and cheer. A very happy day! Long live our memories of Queen Elizabeth at UKC! California
Jan Your Highness has inspired us for so many years. Thank You for being strong and brave all Your life and helping people all around the world. We will always remember You. Croatia
Gofup Joseph Shwargak This is a painful period of mourning for the United Kingdom, the Commonwealth and Nations around the world, I am 29 and all I have known from the UK ends with long live the Queen.
Your Legacies are enduring, your service to your people is inspiring, and you reign truly Long.
My heart goes out to the Royal Family, the UK and the world at Large.
Rest in Peace with our Lord Jesus Christ.
Cian McGaughey Rest in Peace your Majesty London
Rachel Shears Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to our country. Rest in peace your majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, the once and future queen. Kent
Rowland LI What a great and respectful Queen who I have never seen before. RIP Hong Kong
Mike Cresswell She was our Queen. She was The Queen for seventy years she reigned secure, our rock and umbilical chord. We're now cut off and on our own to strive to follow her on throne, but as King Charles said loud and true, may flights of Angels carry you. Churchdown Gloucestershire
Catherine Storey My family send out deepest sympathy to King Charles 111 and all his family on the sad death of our beloved Queen Elizabeth 11
May she rest in peace after a long reign of dedication to her country and commonwealth.
Ponteland Newcastle upon Tyne
Mark Main Thankyou and Rest in Peace West Sussex
Irene Marzo Murillo A great Queen with a powerful sense of duty and a beautiful and warm smile. Always an example to follow. We will miss her. Zaragoza, Spain
Peter Lavai Rest in peace, Your Majesty. Sending my deepest condolences to The Royal family Slovakia
Maureen Watson My sincere condolences to King Charles and the Royal family Croydon
Mohamed Albahrani HM the Queen played a major role in shaping the standard for public service. Her reign oversaw the most turbulent of times, yet was always handled with wisdom and grace. May she Rest In Peace.

God Save the King.
Kingdom of Bahrain
Ck Singh Om shanti Mumbai
Colin & Carol Downes Remember watching the Queens coronation on a little black & white television and seeing it in colour in the local cinema. She has done us proud over the 70 years and will be sadly missed. R.I.P. Isle of Sheppey, Kent
Judit Enjoy your very well deserved rest in peace in the arms of your Philip. Thank you for being part of our lives for so many years.
Carol Allen She was amazing queen and person she fulfilled her promise to the very end. She will be deeply missed.
Rest in peace with your beloved Philip.
Sujintana Hemtasilpa Rest in peace, your majesty.
Your extraordinary strength and leadership as a leading lady does not only influence people in the UK, but across the globe. Even now, your legacy will continue to influence more.
Bangkok, Thailand
Alfie Hope My thoughts and feeling a are with the Royal Family today and always. May Her late Majesty rest well. I thank you for you reign Crawley
Gunn elin fusciardi We will miss you Rest in peace Shoreham by sea
Charles Fusciardi To your family we send our deepest sympathy and will miss your mother deeply Shoreham by sea
Omindra Srivastava Rest In Peace Your Majesty. My heartfelt Condolences. Canterbury
Dannielle Thompson (This message is from my children, ages 9, 7, 5, 4, 2)

We would like to pass our condolences to all of the Royal family at this difficult and upsetting time. We enjoyed watching the Queen when she appeared on television and often watched video clips of her and her lovely sense of humour, she was such a sweet, lovely lady and we all feel sad at her passing. We wish to send our love to all the children on their loss, we recently lost our Granny and we know the hurt you will all be feeling right now. Thankyou and rest in peace Queen Elizabeth and long may King Charles reign.
With love and sympathy from the Norton Children, Harry, Oliver, Jax, Bobby and Paisley.
Scarborough North Yorkshire
Mr John & Mrs Khadine Howell Your Royal Highness King Charles III, you have the support and gratitude of your nation & realms at this difficult time. Our deepest condolences to you and the wider Royal Family on the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. We pray that God will provide you all with the strength to get through this difficult time. It is with profound sadness that we mourn the passing of our glorious Queen Elizabeth II. She was such a magnificent statesperson and example of the Christian faith in living action. She has been a true influence of the faith, love and service and she will remember as an inspiration to all of us. Now after all the years of devoted service in her job is done, rest in peace knowing the thoughts of your family and the nation are with you. Rest in peace in our Lord's house, reunited with your loving husband Philip. She will always be remembered and loved. Thank you from grateful nations. Kings Lynn
Angela Parr What a wonderful person through so many years of her Reign. So much respect for her. She will be missed greatly in these difficult times. Much love. Morpeth
Datuk Maijol Mahap I felt fortunate to have met Her Majesty The Queen in person in 1987 at the University of Kent at Canterbury where I studied law at that time.

Sad to hear her passing. But she will remain “alive” in the heart of millions of people in UK, Commonwealth countries and throughout the world.
Sabah, Malaysia
Beth Woodcock With deepest sympathy. In my prayers Tangerang Indonesia
Tope Akinyele Influence and power, what a great Queen Nigeria
Eyiolorunse Emmanuel To our lovely departed queen, your work, kindness, passion and love for the entire country and the nations of the common wealth will never be forgotten. God bless your heart. Royal Tunbridge Wells
Barbra Hayden Thinking of all at this time with great sadness Adelaide South Australia
Mark Ramsden Rest in Peace your majesty, such a huge loss. One incredible lady.... Canterbury
Kevin Arrowsmith RIP, Thank you. X Security
craig jobson you were a rose in a feild of grass may you rest in peace thank you for you service
ma am...
Gbenga Aborisade Although i have never met or come in close proximity to the late Queen , but the love i have for uk almost entirely stems from my loce for the Monarch. She had ruled selflessly and her reign has impacted deeply.she epitomises royalty .. i will personally miss the Queen . May her Royal soul rest in peace. Lagos Nigeria
R The upward course of a nation's history is due in the long run to the soundness of heart of its average men and women - Queen Elizabeth II. Hear it echo through the streets on this day. Gone but never forgotten. Kent
Abby Hilson Rest in peace your majesty. Canterbury
Mark Tait Rest in peace that you made a difference and thank you for your devotion and tireless service for over 70 years. You will be sadly missed. Bedlington
Gail God Bless your Majesty New Milton, Hampshire
Andrew Stones You will be sadly missed and always remembered. Thank you for your strength Church warsop
Melvyn Newell Deeply moved by the events following the death of OUR queen. Particularly poignant for me as an 11 year old hearing the death of the king on the radio. The programme stopped and solemn music was played until the dreadful announcement made. I was at home from school unable to breathe in South London smog. Long live the king!
Elizabeth My deepest sympathies are extended to the family and to all HRH Queen Elizabeth II served. May she rest in peace. USA
Sarah RIP our queen. You will never be forgotten. Thank you. Now fly high & take that well deserved rest xx Gillingham
Richard john Marshall The Queen devoted her life to us and we thank her she leaves a big hole in our hearts. Durham
Philbeth Odidison You have lived a good life my Baby (as I fondly call you?), You were and still are a shining star, loved and respected by many. You will be sorely missed. Rest in Power Queen Elizabeth II? London
Sinja Schlosser To the best Queen. We will miss you. Ratisbona
t rest in peace, always and forever. london
Sabri Khelil It was great sadness and shock that I learned of Her Majesty's passing. Like many, I always wanted to meet her. She has truly touched the lives of many. My sincere condolences to her family and to the people of Great Britain and the Commonwealth realms. May she rest in peace. Utrecht, Netherlands
Victor Taiwo God called you to lead and called you home
May you rest in peace my Queen
Canterbury, Kent
Professor Rudnei Dias da Cunha, D.Phil.(Kent) I remember with fondness that when I graduated at Canterbury Cathedral, our late Queen was present as signified by the Royal Mace, deposited over a table. She will be sorely missed. Her memory will be forever a blessing. Porto Alegre, Brazil
Nathan Wickenden An icon not just in Great Britain but all around the world, Queen Elizabeth II has touched all our hearts throughout her 70 years on the throne, bringing the people together and living through even the toughest of times, long may she be remembered. Canterbury
F Denise Roe My heart broke when I heard of her passing. Thought and prayers for King Charles III and the rest of the family as they grieve over the loss of their beloved mum and grand and great grand mother. Thoughts to the entire UK and Commonwealth. This Texas loved and thought the world of you. Bellevue, Tx
Portia Abena Kubinson Your grace and your poise whenever you carried out your duties were truly graceful. You will be remembered for that . Rest in peace Her Majesty! Canterbury
Duncan Mifsud Thank you for your many years of service, Ma'am. Your devotion to duty was an example to us all. God Save The King. Debrecen, Hungary
Helen Robertson I have already sent a message to the Palace website so will keep this short. My heart goes out to the family and I think the UK, the Commonwealth and all the world will mourn this wonderful leader. Fuengirola, Spain
Yohei I really appreciate HM's long service for us. She was the symbol of our unity. RIP.
Oladejo Isaac Seun Your commitment to see Africa and the commonwealth nations rise, and live together without anarchy, lives on in our memories. May your Gentle Soul Rest in Peace. Nigeria
Benson Kithuka My condolences to the royal family and the United Kingdom citizens. May she rest in peace.
Ritikri Chailangka I hope one day I can speak anything I wanted in private. Now it's just 'Thank you for love and effort that you give to the history' Thailand
Veronica Larios My condolences to the royal family. May god give you the strength yo need during these difficult moments. United states
MR Peter Dale It was a great privalige to have served you in the forces. Stoke-on-Trent
Trevor Pereira A point of stability in an ever changing world, a public servant in the truest sense, a unifying force at a time of polarisation, your humility and your humour always shone through. RIP HM Elizabeth II, Britain has truly lost its crown jewel.
E. Haktan ALTIN Sending my sincerest condolences on the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. She was respected by everyone around the world and her dignity and grace were unmatched. May she rest in peace. Istanbul, Turkey
Michael & Katherine Morrison Our thoughts and prayers to all of the Royal family. We were very blessed to visit London in 2019 and enjoyed exploring your traditions and history. A Queen loved by all. ? Northfield New Jersey USA
Sadeque Hamdan Rest in peace your Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
Samantha Thomas You promised to give your life to serve us and your country and you did exactly as you promised but you did it with grace, loyalty, beauty and strength. Rest in peace Queen Elizabeth II. Medway, Kent
Adejoke The Queen has shown great commitment to leadership, such example will forever live in my heart. All hail the Queen. Nigeria
Angie & Nigel A great lady who looked after her country.
Thoughts are with her family @ this sad time.
James Pickard Our Queen will be greatly missed. Thank you for your life of service. London
Simone Davies The world feels a little less bright today as the nation mourns the passing of our Queen. A constant through my life, my memories starting with her Silver Jubilee and sadly ending yesterday. My thoughts go out to her family and loved ones at this sad time x Canterbury
Nell McCreadie Queen Elizabeth 11, a loss of an inspirational woman and queen. It is not only a loss to Great Britain, but also to the entire world. Her legacy will be remembered for many years. Canterbury
Dan A constantly recognized symbol of devotion and joy that not only emboldened the country but the world. Today I've heard warm-hearted comments from people that wouldn't consider themselves Royalists in any sense. This and so much more have clearly shown how The Queen could bring people together when all else might not. I remember how brilliant the Platinum Jubillee was, spending time with family I hadn't seen in ages, all together. This is the sentiment that I'll take away from all of this. Canterbury
Steve Rest in peace your majesty. Thank you for your 70 years of service. London
Philip Pothen Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II gave a lifetime of dedication and commitment to our country and we are filled with great sadness at this time. But at the same time we also feel enormous gratitude for a long life of exemplary leadership, loyal service and selfless commitment. May she rest in peace. University of Kent, Canterbury
Wesley Thinking of the Queen's family, friends and all that loved her during this difficult time. The nation has lost a presence that most have known for their entire lives, and an ambassador and leader that was respected and revered across the globe. What an incredible legacy she leaves behind. Canterbury