Kent Business School has lots to offer to business – research that provides innovative solutions, strategic advice and consultancy expertise, networking opportunities, and ambitious and committed students who are keen to work with you and learn from you. Discover what we can do for you.

Open for business

A leading UK business school, we currently support organisations across a range of sectors, from SMEs to multinational businesses, to develop and thrive. We advise government and non-governmental bodies on organisational performance and sustainable management.

We share knowledge via executive education programmes and promote innovation through our research. Through our consultancy work we help businesses solve problems and through our networking events our business community can meet, inspire, and be inspired by, our students – the business leaders of tomorrow.

In partnership

Kent Business School can offer you long or short-term support, providing innovative solutions to difficult challenges and helping you exploit opportunities.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships With funding available through the University of Kent, and supported by the UK Government, a KTP is a three-way partnership between your organisation, a member of our academic staff and a recently qualified student. We work with you for up to two years, sharing our research and providing ongoing support.

Consultancy Driven by intellectual curiosity and drawing on our research and expertise, we work with you to analyse problems, coming up with innovative solutions. We offer a bespoke service, which is great value for money. We can work with you on long-term projects or provide short-term one-to-one sessions.

A couple of business students having a discussion.

Successful partnerships

Executive development

Successful businesses are built on ambitious and well-trained staff. Alongside our executive MBA, we offer bespoke programmes to suit your training needs.

A view looking down on students sitting in a lounge area in the Sibson Building

How our students can help you

Our students are a knowledgeable, talented and highly motivated group and there are various ways you can work with them.

By employing one of our students for their year in industry, you gain a hardworking employee, determined to make an impression. You have a chance to discover new talent, while they bring the latest ideas in management thinking to your organisation. You could also consider employing a student for an internship, perhaps over the summer.

Our Implant Scheme gives you the opportunity to employ a postgraduate student on a project designed by you. The student will have the latest analytical and management skills and so be able to analyse data and improve business decision making. Your project is supervised by an experienced academic supervisor.

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Making connections

We regularly welcome the business community into our School to share ideas and knowledge. Events include our Business Soundbites series and the annual Kent Business Summit.

The Kent Business School's A Business Soundbites Event