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University of Kent staff supporting students and academics seeking refuge

In this time of instability around the world, unprecedented numbers of people have been forced to flee their homes in search of safety and security - and among them are many promising students and academics. For some time, the University has been providing support to international students and for academics at risk of persecution, and now has established a new fund to allow staff to personally contribute to this important work, should they wish to do so.

This fund supports students and academics who wish to continue their education and research at Kent, presently supporting individuals assisted by two orgaisations Helena Kennedy Foundation 'Article 26 Project and the Council for At-Risk Academics (CARA).

Since 1933, CARA has been working tirelessly to help academics and their families caught in conflict or endangered by violent or autocratic regimes.  By providing fellowship places at its network of institutions, academic colleagues have been provided with safe havens to continue their work, in many cases, until it is safe to return home.  Kent is committed to this programme and supporting those academics who join us through it.

The Helena Kennedy Foundation 'Article 26 Project’ provides opportunities for those seeking asylum to access – and succeed in – higher education.  In the years it can take to process an asylum application in the UK, and during this time, individuals are stuck in limbo, unable to work and often surviving on a very low income.  At the same time, they are unable to access student or maintenance loans, and are classed as international students, making the dream of furthering their education far out of reach.
You can read the story on one Kent academic supported by CARA here.

How to take part?

If you would like to contribute simply complete the donation form and return it to: Kent Refuge Fund, The Development Office, Rutherford Annexe, Canterbury, CT2 7NX.

What difference will my donantion make?

10 staff donating £8 a month each through ‘Give As You Earn’ could fund a bursary for a student coming to Kent with the Article 26 project.

47 staff donating £12 a month could provide maintenance support for CARA fellow seeking refuge within the University.

What is 'Give As You Earn'?

This is a scheme provided by the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) that allows you to donate directly from your pay. Donations are tax free meaning it costs you less to give.

Making your gift go further

Donating through Give as You Earn means that the KRF will receive more money than it actually costs you from your salary.The KRF will receive your pledge amount, but as it will be deducted before tax, your pledge will cost you less.

The Helena Kennedy Foundation 'Article 26 Project'

The Helena Kennedy Foundation 'Article 26 Project works in partnership with universities to support and promote opportunities to people who have fled persecution and who, whilst seeking assylum in the UK, wish to further their futures and succeed within Higher Education. For more information visit:

Council for At-Risk Academics

CARA supports academics who are fleeing from persecution, immediate danger and discrimination withinn their own countries. CARA offers support to academics who wish to continue their work in safety. With over 65 per cent of the UK's Higher Educatio institutions working with CARA, more academics will have the opportunity to continue their work and research within a safe environment and the support to return to their home one day.

For more information visit:

Questions or comments

For more information, please contact Julia Baxter in the Development Office.



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