Food and Consumers: Current Issues and Future Directions

Professor Iain Fraser (Economics, University of Kent), Professor Ben Lowe (Kent Business School, University of Kent) and Dr Diogo Souza-Monteiro (Natural and Environmental Sciences, Newcastle University) are hosting a one-day inter-disciplinary workshop on consumer choice and food.

The workshop brings together an exciting group of researchers from a range of disciplinary areas (e.g., marketing, environmental economics, agribusiness, psychology, development and social policy) who will examine various aspects of consumer choice as it relates to food. Based on the presentations the forum will cover themes from Consumer Food Security and Nutrition, Economics and Food Choice and Framing of Information and Consumer Choice. A draft schedule with titles and abstracts is provided below with location details.

The event will run from 9.30 - 17.15 with lunch and refreshments provided for all participants.

Download the schedule for themes and extracts.

Keynote speaker

Professor Klaus G. Grunert 

Professor of Marketing at Aarhus University, and is the founder and director of the MAPP Research Center. 

He has done extensive research in the area of consumer behaviour, mostly with regard to food, and in making consumer insight useful in areas like new product development, market communication and public policy campaigns aimed at healthy eating or other socially desirable behaviours. In particular, he has done research on quality perception and food choice, healthy eating, effects of nutrition labeling and of health claims, public acceptance of biotechnology, on how insight into consumer behaviour feeds into product development processes in food producing companies, and on competence development in the food industry. 

As director of MAPP, he has carried out more than 80 collaboration projects with the food industry, including several pan-European studies, and has participated in or led numerous EU FP projects. Having an h-index of 69, he is the author of 12 books, more than 200 academic papers in international refereed journals and numerous other publications. Klaus is a past president of the European Marketing Academy and was professor of the European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management.

Klaus is a German citizen who has lived in Denmark since 1987. His research and visiting appointments at other universities have taken him around the world.

Booking details


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