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This page has been created to help you familiarise yourself with some of the Learning Technologies we use at the University of Kent.

Staff Training

Each of our core technologies has an associated self-guided training course that you can access by using the buttons below. If you would like a one-to-one training session or a bespoke training session for your School, please get in touch.

Core Technologies

We currently use four main technologies. We have an online training Moodle Module available for all of them, containing online courses, self help guides and links to book one-to-one or group training sessions.


Moodle is the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) we use at the University of Kent. Each taught module has it's own Moodle module, that acts as a space for teachers to share resources, create activities, and for students to submit assignments.

If your new role involves teaching, or supporting staff who do, you'll likely be using Moodle frequently in your work.

Microsoft Teams and other Microsoft 365 tools

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration tool, and is used to work with Students and other Staff synchronously. Features of Microsoft Teams include;

  • Instant Messaging - chat with Staff and Students one-to-one or in Teams;
  • Teams Meetings - Have meetings online, where you can share your screen;
  • File sharing - Share documents with others, and work on Office documents collaboratively.

A whole range of other tools are available through our Microsoft 365 subscription such as OneNote, Microsoft Forms and Microsoft Bookings.

Information on these tools is available on the Microsoft 365 Guide page.


Turnitin is a service that adds extra functionality to Moodle. It creates a submission point for students to submit their assignments, and generates a similarity report highlighting sections of work that match other sources in the Turnitin database.

Turnitin is widely used to help students develop good academic practice, such as proper referencing. It may also highlight cases of suspected plagiarism.

Assignments submitted by students can be marked digitally using Feedback Studio which has features such as QuickMarks to give better feedback to students.


KentPlayer is our lecture capture service. It uses Panopto to record lectures and seminars. The Panopto software is already installed in teaching spaces across campus, and can capture audio, video, presentations and the computer screen.

The University has a policy on the Recording of Lectures. To be able to use KentPlayer and Panopto effectively, we suggest all teaching staff review our training.


OMBEA is a polling software that can be integrated with Microsoft PowerPoint or used standalone to create interactive real-time polls.

You can use polls to gauge students on their understanding of a particular topic, or just to add interactivity to your lectures.

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