Justyn Campbell White

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Justyn Campbell-White

Physics PhD

Justyn Campbell-White is taking a PhD in Physics.

What support do you receive as a research student?

I've attended a selection of the training workshops provided by the Graduate School at the University. The skills I've developed at these sessions, such as scientific writing and designing a research poster, will be of great help throughout my research career.

I was awarded a joint studentship by the School of Physical Sciences and the School of Mathematics. As well as a monthly stipend, I have an annual research allowance to support my conference expenses. I have a supervisor from each school that offers guidance for both parts of the project.

What are the facilities like in your school and on campus generally

Since I have been at Kent, many areas of the campus have been renovated including the Physical Sciences building, the Library and the Sports Centre. The new Mathematics building is also under development. The facilities on campus reflect the high standards of the University and make for a great place to work.

What is your area of research?

I am researching ionised gas bubbles around massive stars in our galaxy. The underlying aim for any project of this nature is to better understand the structure, history and evolution of our galaxy. By using statistical shape analysis, I aim to construct a classification scheme for these bubble systems. This will allow for physical parameters and initial conditions to be identified by the observed morphologies, and for simulations of these systems to be constrained.

What do you particularly enjoy about your research?

I’m working on a project that I am interested in and passionate about. I enjoy developing my research skills and analysis techniques and I also like being part of the wider research community, attending workshops and conferences.

Studying a research degree gives me the opportunity to add to the scientific understanding of my subject through my own research. It's a great feeling to know that you're working on something that no one else has done before. I’m intending to continue my research with a career in academia.

Any advice for those thinking of taking a PhD at Kent?

Kent is known for promoting research excellence and the Centre for Astrophysics and Planetary Science does excellent work in my area of interest. When I was offered the PhD project, I was delighted to get the chance to work with my chosen supervisors.

I definitely feel like I can contribute to the wider research community, thanks to the guidance and support of the University, my departments, supervisors and the Graduate School. I am sure this will be the same for anyone who decides to start their research career at Kent.