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Before you apply to university, it's important to get feedback from the people who know it best - the students.

Our students answer questions about their course, the campus, facilities and accommodation. They also give useful insider tips and advice for anyone thinking of coming to Kent.


What do our students say about Kent? Find out why they chose the University, how they’re finding their course and what plans they have for the future.

"The studio culture is essentially a melting pot of creativity – that’s how I’d describe it."

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"There’s great variety in the modules, and I think this must help give you a more open choice of careers."

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"The academics at Kent are brilliant and have written many of the text books used by undergraduates everywhere."

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Krisha Kanumuru

Electronic and Communications Engineering BEng

"There’s a lot of support. If you go to the lecturers they will definitely help you out. And it’s nice to sit and have a chat with them about engineering."

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Profile picture of English Language and Linguistics student

Emily Adams

English Language and Linguistics BA

"I wrote a piece and then pitched it to The Independent. And they published it! I’m really proud of that."

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"The facilities for the course are great. The sports labs are really well equipped – we do lots of practical work there, and there are clinics and gyms with amazing specialist equipment."

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Quote Lauren Mitchell-Innes

Profile picture of a Psychology undergraduate

I’m really glad I chose to come here as I can’t imagine studying anywhere else.

Lauren Mitchell-Innes Psychology BSc


Find out what attracted our postgraduates to Kent, how their studies are going and what advice they would give to potential students.

"All of the staff take an interest in your work and you receive lots of encouragement. The fact that the School has a wealth of expertise that you can tap into is particularly valuable."

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"I’m enjoying the amount of knowledge I’m gaining, in particular from my supervisor, who is so passionate about her subject."

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Justyn Campbell-White

Physics PhD

"I enjoy developing my research skills and analysis techniques and I also like being part of the wider research community, attending workshops and conferences."

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"Being able to link theories and ideas between modules helped with my understanding of business concepts and ideas."

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Profile picture of Broadband and Mobile Communications Networks

Georges Haddad

Broadband and Mobile Communications Networks MSc

"I was attracted to Kent as it is ‘the garden of England’ – postgraduate study is quite intense so I thought living in such a beautiful place, with lots of friendly people would give me a chance to relax."

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"My supervision process has helped me to improve my personal and research skills."

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Quote Khalida Durrani

Profile picture of a financial markets postgraduate

I now look more closely at details rather than take things at face value, which is a skill I can use in any job setting.

Khalida Durrani Financial Markets MSc