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Mar 26
15:00 - 16:00
From data to context
School of Computing Seminars
Klaus Moessner (University of Surrey)

From data to context

Klaus Moessner, University of Surrey


The IoT (Internet of Things) has commodified the capability to measure and monitor spaces and changes in the physical environment or condition of things, objects, animals or humans. With the concept of the "quantified self" (coined by Wolf and Kelly in 2007) made corporeal through fitness-bands, smart watches, wearable heartrate sensors, and other personal wearable sensing devices the health and physical conditions of individuals can be tracked and understood. At the same time, embedding sensors into the spaces we are living and detecting movements, changes in environmental conditions as well as presence can generate unique insights into the behaviour and situations in which we act, as done in the HomeSense project where a team at Surrey used environment information to glean knowledge about the situations and actions in which energy is being consumed in a household. The same principles can be extended to understand a persons wider situation and events both within indoor spaces as well as in public, shared spaces. The presentation will provide an overview of our approach to situation (context) understanding.

Klaus Moessner,:

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Cornwallis South West,
University of Kent,
United Kingdom


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