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Martyrdom of the Bab

This is a Baha'i celebration. 

This major holy day is celebrated on the 9th July at noon and commemorates the events surrounding the death of the Báb in 1850.

The Báb (a title meaning 'the Gate') had many followers but his beliefs did not meet with approval from the leaders of the state religion in Persia, and they decided he should be taken from prison and put to death. One of his young followers begged to be allowed to share his fate, and this wish was granted. An Armenian firing squad lined up and shot at the Báb and his follower, but when the smoke cleared, the young follower remained there unharmed and the Báb had gone. The Báb was found back in his cell, and the soldiers were so shaken by the 'miracle' that they refused to try to kill him again so a new regiment had to be called for. This time, when the squad opened fire the Báb and the follower died, and their bodies were thrown into a moat outside the town. The Báb's followers rescued the bodies, and years later, the remains were buried on Mount Carmel in Israel, in a shrine that is now a place of pilgrimage for Bahá'ís worldwide. To commemorate this day, Bahá'ís read special prayers at noon, which is the time the execution was scheduled for. This is also a day of rest, when Bahá'ís should not work.


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