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Feb 20
14:00 - 15:00
Mathematical Physics & Integrable Systems seminar: Marco Fasondini (University of Kent)
SMSAS Mathematical Physics seminars
Numerical studies of the Painlevé transcendents


We discuss the pole field solver (PFS) method for the numerical solution of the Painlevé equations, which are six nonlinear ODEs in the complex plane. This method exploits the fact that the only singularities of the solutions of the Painlevé equations, the Painlevé transcendents, are (movable) poles and branch point singularities at certain fixed points. Using the PFS method, we study a set of solutions to the third Painlevé equation (that arise in the Ising model in statistical physics) on their Riemann surfaces. Special function (Bessel function) solutions of the third Painlevé equation will also be explored.


Sibson Building (SibSR2)
United Kingdom


Open to All interested persons,

Contact: Dr Pavlos Xenitidis
School of Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Science


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