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Ethnography and Social Crisis
Advanced Training

The recent credit crisis, and the austerity measures enforced as a remedy to the crisis, have set new challenges for social analysis. In this workshop we consider the advantages of the ethnographic perspective, as a general analytical approach in social-scientific research, in a period of crisis and austerity. We also provide practical exercises aiming to build ethnographic confidence among young researchers and post-graduate students.

'Ethnography' is a broad epistemological framework for conducting research, which encompasses a range of qualitative and quantitative research methods. A foundational principle for ethnography is a commitment to interpreting and analysing social life as this is meaningful from the bottom-up: that is, as social life is understood at the local level, by social actors situated in everyday life.

The workshop will last for a day and build upon the experience of three experienced ethnographers. The latter will make available some of their data to encourage participants to reflect upon ethnographic analysis. During the practical sessions of the workshop, participants will experiment with ethnographic interpretation, using fragments of ethnographic data from crisis-afflicted Greece, Spain and Portugal. The workshop serves as an opportunity to learn basic skills about ethnography, and evaluate some of the challenges of conducting ethnographic research in times of crisis.

The draft programme (subject to final confirmation) is as follows:

Session One: The challenges of ethnography in times of crisis: austerity as aporia Session Two:  Practising ethnography in times of crisis and austerity (1): solidarity networks in GreeceSession Three: Practising ethnography in times of crisis and austerity (2): lessons from a spanish enclave

Trainers: Dr Dimitrios Theodossopoulos, and Professor João de Pina-Cabral

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