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Mar 21
17:00 - 18:30
Teacher Emotions and Teacher Education for TESOL
Centre for Language and Linguistics Invited Talk
Dr Christina Gkonou (University of Essex)


Emotions are at the center of all human behavior, and teaching and learning are no exception. Teaching in particular requires careful handling of teacher own emotions and that teachers also demonstrate empathy, enthusiasm, and optimism in order to influence their learners' emotions positively. Despite the inherent importance of teacher emotions and well-being in the process of teaching, existing research has been disproportionately less than that into language learner emotions (Mercer & Kostoulas, 2018).

In this talk, I will draw on critical incident narratives produced by tertiary-level English teachers to discuss the interconnection between teacher emotionality, past experience, and current professional knowledge. These unsolicited critical incidents produced by teachers were classified as such on the basis of four structural characteristics: they 1) recount past events, 2) signify significant change in professional knowledge, 3) are treated as formative thus informing current teaching practice, and 4) contain emotionally charged discourse (Tripp, 2012). Although teachers reported on negative felt emotions, they cast these past critical incidents as leading to emotional victories and effective emotion control. We will discuss implications for language teacher education and research on teacher emotions within TESOL.


Lecture Theatre 1,
Darwin College,
University of Kent,
United Kingdom


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