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Jun 1
10:00 - 17:00
Joining the Docks
School of Arts Medway Degree Show Exhibition

Where art meets history

Where music meets industry

Where time meets creativity

An eclectic ensemble of artists, musicians and creatives come together to present Joining The Docks; a degree show exhibition showcasing the diverse nature of creativity.

Entering a new chapter in their history Chatham Historic Dockyard are home to the University of Kent, School of Arts where these creatives have grown, explored and questioned the world around them,challenging perceptions and offering fresh, innovative thoughts for pondering. This exhibition consolidates the transition of the School of Arts to Medway and is a true celebration of both the arts at the Dockyard and these first ever Medway graduates.

This exhibition fuses a complexity of ideas, theories and concepts; identity and societal roles, place and past, nature and technology, theory and material, the physical and the potential, the imaginable and the unfathomable! Spanning the spectrum of drawing to sculpture, performance art to ambisonic experiences and interactive set designs, you are invited to participate with the works and immerse yourself in a myriad of ideas. This Opening Event offers the chance to interact and engage with the artists whilst enjoying an assortment of musical experiences.

Come and join the medley of all that is creative.

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