World Mental Health Day, 10 October

labyrinth at Canterbury

Saturday 10 October was World Mental Health Day.

It’s an extremely important time to acknowledge the difficulties many people have faced over the past 6 months especially, and talk about ways we can support one another in our University community and beyond. Whether you have previously struggled with a mental health condition and require specialist support from our Student Support and Wellbeing Team, or simply want to meet other students to share experiences at peer support groups and wellbeing events, the University of Kent has a wealth of resources to help students and staff enhance their wellbeing and safeguard their mental health.

On World Mental Health Day, we launched a campaign called #UoKMomentsAway so the student community at Kent can inspire and encourage one another, even in these times when gathering together is difficult. What gives you a moment of hope on an otherwise challenging day? How have you adapted to find new ways to connect, to be calm, and have fun? Check out what’s providing joy and solace to others, and add your ideas to the mix, following @UniKentSSW and using the hashtag #UoKMomentsAway.

Although the current conditions can feel very isolating, remember that you are not alone in your experience – have a look at our Wellbeing Ideas for Uncertain Times webpage – with guided meditations, ideas for comfort books or inspirational reads, and wisdom from your fellow students on surviving and thriving in this unprecedented time.

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