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Research students

Given the wide-ranging research interests of our staff, the Department of English Language & Linguisitcs at Kent is in a strong position to supervise high-quality graduates. Our current research students include:

Current Students

  • Luke Allder, 'English Language Acquisition through Performing Arts Practice', PhD project. Supervisor: Dr Gloria Chamorro (primary) and Professor Nicola Shaughnessy (Arts) (secondary)
  • Pravnav Badyal, 'Dogri English: A Phonological Description (working title)', PhD project. Supervisor: Professor Amalia Arvanti (primary) and Dr Tamara Rathcke (secondary)
  • Heidi Colthup, 'Narrative in Video Games', PhD project. Supervisors: Dr Jeremy Scott (primary) and Dr David Hornsby (secondary)
  • Sumio Kobayashi, 'Prosody of Language and Music', PhD project. Supervisors: Professor Amalia Arvaniti (primary) and Dr Tamara Rathcke (secondary)
  • Ishrat Rehman, 'Investigating and Defining Urdu Phonology and its Role and Use in L2 (English) Perception and Production', PhD project. Supervisors: Professor Amalia Arvaniti (primary) and Dr Gloria Chamorro (secondary)
  • Isabella Reichl, 'Initiating and Countering Pre-cooperative Illocutionary Acts in Present Day English', PhD project. Supervisors: Dr Eleni Kapogianni (primary) and Dr Christina Kim (secondary).
  • Vicky Ward, 'Obscene Language: A Diachronic Perspective', PhD project. Supervisors: Dr David Hornsby (primary) and Dr Jeremy Scott (secondary)


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