SafeZone Activation on a Connected Route - Student Information

Any activation of SafeZone on the Connected Route by a student will come through to either the University of Kent or CCCU security control room with your location.

The respective control room will contact you on the mobile phone associated with the SafeZone app and they will dynamically risk assess the situation. Options include:

  • Giving advice to you.
  • Directing you to a nearby refuge point.
  • Requesting that a taxi attend your location.
  • Directing you to Street Marshals, Street Pastors, BID Ambassadors, other Security staff working at licenced premises etc. or directing them to you. This will be based upon availability, geographical location and timing. University security staff cannot leave campus.
  • Contacting friends and/or family to attend your location.
  • Keeping the phone line open whilst you walk and monitoring in the control room.
  • Contacting emergency services to attend your location.

If no answer is received by the security control room

The control room will contact 999 and ask for urgent Police attendance at the activation location.

The University security control room will continue to try and make contact with you on the mobile phone associated with the SafeZone app until the Police arrive, so keep your mobile phone with you.

False alarms

If there was a false alarm, please do answer any telephone calls you receive to reassure the control room that you are safe as this will prevent wasting Police time due to attending your location unnecessarily.

The video below explains how to opt in and start using the Connected Route in SafeZone.


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Last Updated: 17/10/2021