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Distinguish yourself with ORCID

An ORCID iD is a unique identifier that allows you to tie all your research together in one place. This allows you to disambiguate, track and share research with one simple URL.

The University of Kent supports and advocates the use of ORCID, as such an identifier is now mandatory for some internal processes - for example applying for promotion.

An example ORCID page:

What is ORCID? from Rebecca Bryant on Vimeo.

How do I get my ORCID iD?

Go to the ORCID website and look yourself up. If you aren't there, register for an ORCID in KRIMSON:

  1. Go to KRIMSON
  2. Log in as a researcher
  3. Go to My settings - click on the orange pointed down triangle next to your name
  4. Scroll down and click Connect to your ORCID account
  5. Either Sign in or Register with ORCID - we recommend you use your personal account

If you need help with logging into ORCID through KRIMSON, please email

If you've accidentally claimed more than one ORCID iD: see ORCID's advice, or contact ORCID support with full details of both IDs and they'll be able to advise you.

What's an ORCID iD for?

Your unique ORCID iD will belong to you throughout your scholarly career. It's a persistent identifier to:

  • distinguish you from other researchers
  • ensure consistent, reliable attribution of your work

You can use it for:

  • collating existing research in one location
  • submitting to journals
  • grant applications
  • professional society membership
  • linking with other identifiers and profiles
  • displaying on your CV
  • web page, social media and more

Why do I need one?

More and more funding organisations, professional bodies and publishers are using ORCID iDs, with support from external funding bodies like Jisc and ARMA.

This means you can often use your ORCID iD instead of manually submitting personal and citation information. That makes grant submissions easier and means you don't have to repeatedly enter the same information into various systems.

The University of Kent made the decision in February 2016 to make ORCID iDs mandatory for all research active staff.


ORCID help

ORCID help and FAQs

ORCID advice at Kent:

Logging in through KRIMSON:

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Last Updated: 20/06/2017