Technology Enhanced Learning


The E-Learning staff are part of the Curriculum Development Team within the Unit for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching.

Meet the team

Name Role Telephone Email
Jane Carne Curriculum Development Team Manager 01227 82 7359 J.Carne@kent.ac.uk
Mark O'Connor Distance Learning Technologist 01227 82 7478 M.A.O'Connor@kent.ac.uk
Peter Embleton-Smith Distance Learning Technologist

01634 88 8142

01227 8 16795 (Tuesdays)

Steve Ganfield Faculty Learning Technologist for Humanities 01227 82 7752 S.Ganfield@kent.ac.uk
Phil Anthony Faculty Learning Technologist for Sciences & Kent Business School 01227 82 4732 P.C.Anthony@kent.ac.uk
Susan Driver Faculty Learning Technologist for Social Sciences 01227 82 7299 S.E.Driver@kent.ac.uk
Daniel Clark University Learning Technologist 01227 82 4752 D.R.Clark@kent.ac.uk

How we can help

The Faculty Learning Technologists provide support for Schools and academics engaging in e-learning development. This may include discussing and developing individual and School approaches, the effective use of e-learning technologies and staff development needs.

If you'd like to arrange an informal meeting or a consultation, please contact us at elearning@kent.ac.uk. This will be forwarded to all of the Faculty Learning Technologists (FLTs). Alternatively, contact your FLT directly using their contact details above, or use our contact form.

Your Faculty Learning Technologist can:

  • run regular training sessions or custom training as per your School requirements.
  • provide an E-Learning Surgery, one day per month when your FLT will come to your School and be available to your staff for a variety of support, advice, and training needs.
  • assist Schools with piloting 'peripheral technologies' i.e. those not provided centrally and which a School wishes to trial.
  • assist Schools to incorporate e-learning implementation into School plans and annual monitoring reports.
  • provide advice on the design of flexible or distance learning courses, including instructional design, helping you select suitable technologies, and other issues such as usability and accessibility. You may also be referred to our Distance Learning Technologist for further support. For more information, see our Flexible and Distance Learning page.
  • consult on the use of e-assessment for formative and summative assessed work, providing advice and support. There are many considerations and criteria that must be met, including the QAA Quality Code (chapter B6) and BSI standards. Staff considering the use of e-assessment should contact their Faculty Learning Technologist.

Other sources of support

It's reasonable to assume that all technologies used at a university are learning technologies, but we cover only those technologies specifically designed to facilitate and support teaching and learning, and the application of other technologies for the purposes of teaching and learning. For this reason, we can't help you with the Student Data System, email or general IT enquiries. We also can't troubleshoot hardware issues in teaching rooms. For all these you should contact the IT helpdesk.

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