Technology Enhanced Learning


The E-Learning staff are part of the Curriculum Development Team within the Unit for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching.

Meet the team

Not sure who to contact? Email elearning@kent.ac.uk and we will get back to you.

University Learning Technologist & E-Learning Team Manager
Daniel Clark call01227 82 4752 emailD.R.Clark@kent.ac.uk
Distance Learning Technologists
Mark O'Connor call01227 82 7478 emailM.A.O'Connor@kent.ac.uk
Peter Embleton-Smith call01634 88 8142 / 01227 8 16795 emailP.R.Embleton-Smith@kent.ac.uk
Faculty Learning Technologists
Dr Phil Anthony - Sciences & Kent Business School call01227 82 4732 emailP.C.Anthony@kent.ac.uk
Nicholas Cornwall-French - Social Sciences call01227 82 7299 emailN.A.A.French-2@kent.ac.uk
Steve Ganfield - Humanities call01227 82 7752 emailS.Ganfield@kent.ac.uk

How can we help?

The E-Learning team supports the University in its use of and development of learning technologies to create an engaging and effective learning environment. For example by;

  • Providing training to students and staff in using Moodle, KentPlayer, and Turnitin;
  • Working with schools to develop more effective teaching by incorporating engagement tools such as OMBEA into their courses;
  • Offering technical support for Moodle, KentPlayer and Turnitin issues;
  • Keeping the University up-to-date with emerging learning technologies that will improve teaching and the student experience.

Other sources of support

We focus on technologies specifically designed to facilitate and support teaching and learning (Moodle, KentPlayer, Turnitin etc.)

If you need help with the Student Data System, email or general IT enquiries (including hardware issues in teaching rooms) contact the IT helpdesk.

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