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Dr Penélope Pacheco-López

Associate Lecturer in Economics (Education and Scholarship)

School of Economics, Kennedy Building, Room 114



Penélope Pacheco-López holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Kent, UK, where she was a Post-Doctoral Research Associate. She has worked for the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) as an Industrial Research Officer. She has performed consultancy work for the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), the International Trade Center (ITC), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Georgia and the Economist Intelligence Unit.

In Mexico, she taught at the Faculty of Economics of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and worked as a research assistant at the Center for Economic Studies of El Colegio de México. She has published on international trade and economic development topics in refereed journals such as the International Review of Applied Economics, Journal of Post Keynesian Economics, World Economy, Banca Nazionale del Lavoro Quarterly Review, Investigación Económica, among others.

Penélope is a Member of the Researcher Links Social Sciences Panel, British Council.

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Penny's publications can also be found on RePEc.

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Pacheco-Lopez, P. and Thirlwall, A. (2014). A new interpretation of Kaldor's first growth law for open developing economies. Review of Keynesian Economics [Online] 2:384-398. Available at:
Pacheco-Lopez, P. and Thirlwall, A. (2007). Trade Liberalisation and the Trade-Off Between Growth and the Balance of Payments in Latin America. International Review of Applied Economics [Online] 21:469-490. Available at:
Thirlwall, A. and Pacheco-Lopez, P. (2006). Trade Liberalisation, the Income Elasticity of Demand for Imports and Growth in Latin America Thirlwall, A. ed. Journal of Post Keynesian Economics [Online] 29:41-61. Available at:
Thirlwall, A. and Pacheco-Lopez, P. (2017). Economics of Development: Theory and Evidence. [Online]. Palgrave-Macmillan. Available at:
Thirlwall, A. and Pacheco-Lopez, P. (2008). Trade Liberalisation and The Poverty of Nations. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.
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Other articles

  • 'Contrasting the Perception and Response of Domestic Manufacturing Firms to FDI in Sub-Saharan Africa', Discussion Paper 14/10, School of Economics, University of Kent
  • 'Has Trade Liberalisation in poor countries delivered the promises expected?' (2011) co-author A P Thirlwall, in Angeles Castro, Gerardo, Ignacio Perrotini-Hernández and Humberto Ríos-Bolívar (Eds), Market Liberalism, Growth, and Economic Development in Latin America, UK: Routledge.
  • 'Los efectos de la liberación comercial en el crecimiento económico y la balanza de pagos en América Latina' (2009), Investigación Económica, Vol LXVIII, No 267: 13-49.
  • 'Testing  the  Balance  of  Payments  Constrained  Growth  Model  for  the  Least  Developed Countries' (2005),  background  paper  for  the 2006  Least  Developed  Countries  Report, UNCTAD.
  • Mexico’s Country Report (2005), The Economist Intelligence Unit, July.
  • 'Foreign  Direct  Investment,  Exports  and  Imports  in Mexico',  (2005), World  Economy, 28(8): 1157-1172. 
  • 'The  Impact  of  Trade  Liberalisation  on  Exports,  Imports,  the  Balance  of  Payments  and Growth: the Case of Mexico', (2005), Journal of Post Keynesian Economics, 27 (4): 595-619.
  • 'El  Impacto  de  la  Política  Comercial  en  el  Crecimiento  Económico  de  México',  (2005), Economía UNAM, 4, Enero-Abril: 84-93.
  • 'Trade  Liberalisation  in  Mexico:  Rhetoric  and  Reality' (2004),  co-author  A P  Thirlwall, Banca Nazionale del Lavoro Quarterly Review, 229, June: 141-167.
  • Teaching  Manual  on  Balance  of  Payments  Constrained Growth  (2004),  co-author  A P Thirlwall, UNCTAD, Geneva.
  • 'Políticas  de  Empleo  en  Economías  Semi-Industrializadas'  (2002),  co-author  J  López, Revista de Economía Política, 22 (2): 102-118.
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Research interests

Penélope's research interests are on Development Economics, International Trade and Industrial Policy.

Book reviews

  • For the Journal of Development Studies, 2006 (42) 5: 904-905. 'The Political Economy of Protection:  Theory  and  the  Chilean  Experience'  by  Daniel  Lederman  (Stanford:  Stanford University Press, 2005) pp 191.
  • For the Journal of Development Studies, 2007 (43) 3: 592-593. 'Finance for Development, Latin  America  in  Comparative  Perspective'  by  Barbara  Stallings  with  Rogerio  Studart (Washington, D C: Brookings Institution Press, 2006), pp viii-316. 

Papers presented at conferences

  • Mexico’s Trade Liberalisation Experience: A Cautionary Tale, 'Vietnam in the Age of Globalisation: Opportunities and Challenges', University of Rouen, May 2009, Rouen, France.
  • The Effects of Trade Liberalisation in Mexico, 'Globalization, Trade and Economic Growth', Università degli Studi Gabriele d’Annunzio, Facoltà di Economia, April 2008, Pescara, Italy.
  • Expert Group Meeting on 'Indicators of Trade and Industry Competitiveness - Applications for TCB Analytical Work and Technical Assistance', December 2007, Vienna, Austria.
  • 'UNCTAD Regional Workshop on Productive Capacities, Economic Growth  and  Poverty Reduction in African LDCs', February 2007, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
  • Balance  of  Payments  Constraints,  Trade  and  Poverty,  'UNCTAD/World  Bank  Institute Training Workshop on Trade and Poverty', May 2004, Geneva, Switzerland. 
  • The  Impact  of  Trade  Liberalisation  on  Mexico's  Trade  and  Growth,  'Mexican  Society Congress 2004 at London School of Economics', May 2004, London, England.
  • The  Impact  of  Trade  Liberalisation  on  the  Trade  Balance,  the  Balance  of  Payments  and Economic  Growth:  The  Case  of  Mexico,  'European  Trade  Study  Group  5th Annual Conference', September 2003, Madrid, Spain.
  • The Effect of Trade Reforms on Mexico's Imports, 'ECOMOD 2003 International Conference in Policy Modeling', July 2003, Istanbul, Turkey.
  • The  Impact  of  Trade  Reforms  on  Mexico's  Exports,  IESG  27th  Annual  Conference  2002 'Human Capital, Trade & Growth', September 2002, University of Bath, England.
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Administrative roles

  • Director of Placements (Year in Industry)
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