Your Progress Profile is ready to view!

Your Progress Profile is a web-based report which tracks your academic progress and is updated daily. It presents information such as your module marks and attendance and presents it in a way that makes it easier to see how you are doing.

Why are they important?

Students have told us that sometimes it can be hard to know how well their studies are going. We created Progress Profiles to give our students a clear understanding of their performance across every stage of their degree journey. Every undergraduate will have their own Progress Profile. Academic Advisers can see the reports of all their advisees. It is important for students to have regular conversations about their studies with Academic Advisers and Progress Profiles can help focus these conversations.

Progress Profiles can be accessed directly from the top banner of the Student Guide.

Need Help?

A short video providing a detailed explanation of how Progress Profiles work can be found in the ‘About’ tab on the report page.

For any queries relating to access to, or content of, Progress Profiles, please contact the Information Services Helpdesk:

For further information or to provide feedback on Progress Profiles please contact the Student Success Team

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