Study Plus opportunities this week (22-26 February)

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Our Study Plus scheme provides a range of free short-term courses and workshops which can enhance your graduate employability skills alongside your main subject specialism. Here are some of the upcoming events you can sign up for:

Study Plus Can I say that? An introduction to inclusive language and reclaimed words by Sal Pearman, Monday 22 February 14.30-16.30 

The focus of this session the focus will be around language, phrasing, championing and challenging. We will share best practice models, research and advice to ensure attendees feel confident to talk about Equality and Identity in an inclusive and thoughtful way. In the workshop we will explore:

  • Can I say that? Looking at current news stories and challenges
  • Exploring what we mean by ‘tone of voice’ in organisations
  • Guiding principles and best practice
  • Weaponised language and reclaimed words
  • Surgery session

Study Plus – LGBT What does it mean? by Sal Pearman, Tuesday 23 February 13.00-15.00

This two-hour webinar will create an opportunity to better understand it’s context in championing and supporting people’s rights, it’s context within the law, and what positive steps we can take. We will cover

  • What does LGBT+ mean?
  • What are the separate identities and communities that make up the LGBT banner?
  • How homophobia, biphobia and transphobia can creep into our everyday language and behaviours
  • What we can all do to be better LGBT+ allies
  • Space for questions and storytelling

Study Plus – Developing a Growth Mindset by Ali Whelan, Wednesday 24 February 11.00-12.30

Overall objective = To promote the concept of continuous personal development, positive curiosity and resilience to succeed.

  • What is a growth mindset
  • Fixed mindset v Growth Mindset – 5 key areas
  • The power of ‘yet’
  • The role of feedback

Study Plus – ASPIRE Workshop 11 – What do investors want? Wednesday 24 February 15.00-17.00

Have you got what it takes to walk into the dragons’ den? Find out what investors are looking for in a start-up and how to build an investible business.

Study Plus – Presentation Skills Part 1 By Leanne Davies, Thursday 25 February 13.00-16.00

The aim of this learning experience is to assist you to plan and practice your next presentation (whether it be Virtual or Face-to-Face) so that you can deliver it with confidence, keep your audience engaged and make your message memorable.

Study Plus – Goal setting and Action Planning by Jeffrey Wotherspoon, Friday 26 February 14.00-15.30

  • Learn the benefits of goal setting and why you should set them
  • Explore a perspective that makes goal setting motivational and encouraging rather than a pressured activity that causes disappointment
  • Learn a framework to use to set goals and tips on how to make it work for you
  • Set goals and develop an action plan

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