Group of musicians rehearsing in the concert-hall
Nathan Eaton-Baudains.

Rehearsal arrangements: Autumn term

All details will be published here for the autumn term's rehearsals and concerts

Here you'll find key rehearsal and performance dates for some of the key extra-curricular ensembles

Symphony Orchestra (every Thursday): key dates

Taster rehearsal Thurs 29 Sept, 7.30pm (open to all strings Grade 6+; auditions for principal woodwind / brass on Sat 1 October 10am - 4pm )

Sectional rehearsals tbc

Rehearsal with Chorus (Handel / Buxtehude) Thurs 8 Dec, 7.30pm

Concert: Saturday 10 Dec; A Christmas Cornucopia; afternoon rehearsal, evening performance:

Chorus (every Monday): key dates

First rehearsal: Mon 3 October, 7.30pm

Rehearsal with Orchestra: Thurs 8 Dec, 7.30pm

Concert: Saturday 10 Dec: A Christmas Cornucopia; afternoon rehearsal, evening performance

Big Band (every Wednesday): key dates

 First rehearsal: Weds 26th Sept, 8.30pm (open to all sax / brass / percussion / bass players Grade 6+ - must be able to read music)

Concert: Weds 14 Dec, 5.15pm Christmas Swingalong! Rehearsal 3pm

Concert Band (every Wednesday): key dates

First rehearsal: Weds 26 Sept, 7.15pm - open to all woodwind / brass / percussion / bass players

Concert: Friday 9 December: afternoon rehearsal, evening performance 

String Sinfonia (every Wednesday)

First rehearsal Thurs 27 Sept (follows on from the Syphony Orchestra rehearsal)

Concert: Fri 9 December, 7.30pm; afternoon rehearsal

Cecilian Choir (every Tuesday): key dates

First rehearsal: Tues 4 October, 5.15pm 

Main concert: Fri 31 March, 7.30pm - commission piece with string orchestra

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