Council Membership

Council Membership 2018/2019

As at 1 August 2018

University Charter, paragraph 8, prescribes the Council membership and this is currently as follows:

(a) Sixteen persons external to the University:
Chair of the Council: Sir David Warren (to 31.7.2020)
Deputy Chair of the Council/Chair of the Finance and Resources Committee Bob Scruton (to 31.7.2021)
  Dame Ursula Brennan (to 31.7.2021)
Colin Carmichael (to 31.7.2020)
Martin Cook (to 31.7.2019)
Neil Davies (to 31.7.2020)
Sarah Gibson (to 31.7.2021)
Kim Lowe (to 31.7.2021)
Gabriel MacGregor (to 31.7.2021)
Angela McNab (to 31.7.2020)
Mark Malcomson (to 31.7.2021)
Andrew Newell (to 31.7.2021)
Mark Preston (to 31.7.2021)


(b) Two persons elected from among their number by the academic staff of the University:
Academic staff: Professor Charlotte Sleigh (to 31.7.2021)
Dr Owen Lyne (to 31.7.2019)
(c) Two persons elected from among their number by the non-academic staff of the University:
Academic-related staff and other staff: Mark Ellis (to 31.7.2021)
Zoe Wood (to 31.7.2021)
(d) One person elected from among their number by students of the University:
For 2018/2019: Alexis Zouechtiagh
(e) The Vice-Chancellor and President:
  Professor Karen Cox
(f) Up to two officers of the University, appointed by Council following consultation with the Chair and the Vice-Chancellor:
Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Provost David Nightingale
Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Chief Operating Officer Denise Everitt
(g) The President of the University of Kent Students' Union:
President of Kent Union: Aaron Thompson (for 2018/2019)


Photograph of Council taken in February 2018

Earlier photographs of Council can be found here.


(a) Total presecribed membership: 25 members
(b) Council members - Trusteeships of other organisations
(c) Queries should be addressed to Dr Keith Lampard, Secretary of the Council
(email:, telephone: 01227827892)



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