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"This is a degree of the highest quality"

Prof. Frank Burnet MBE, MSc external examiner, 2009-2013.

The Kent MSc in Science, Communication and Society gives critical, professional and practical perspectives on science communication.

Using the latest scholarship, we enable students to get behind contemporary and historic science to understand how knowledge is created and consumed within society. The course also features professionals from a range of sectors (medical writing, journalism, industry, policy). These bring real-life case studies that inform students’ critical perspectives on science communication. Practical and innovative assessments harness students’ developing knowledge to create a portfolio of skills that are highly valued by employers. Our graduates move into a range of sectors, including public engagement, outreach, funding administration, medical writing and publishing.

Science, Communication and Society is intended primarily, though not exclusively, for the following:

  • Science graduates intending to pursue a career within science but not in the laboratory
  • Humanities graduates with an interest in Science and Technology Studies
  • Practising scientists wanting a career change into media, education, policy or other communicational area of science

The programme is led by Dr. Charlotte Sleigh, Director of the University’s Centre for the History of the Sciences, and Dr. Dan Lloyd, Senior Lecturer in the School of Biosciences. Both are active researchers with a passion for explaining their research to non-specialist audiences. They are also award-winning teachers; Dan has won a National Teaching Fellowship in recognition of his science communication work with undergraduates.


One of the real strengths of this course is the bringing together of scientific- and humanities-based approaches to public engagement, allowing us to learn from each other and develop the most appropriate strategies for making science interesting and accessible to all

~ Dan Lloyd





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