BME Postgraduate Research

Investigators: Barbara Adewumi, Alexander Hensby, Kathleen Quinlan  

Our research team is currently working on external funding applications to support an action-oriented research project designed to support BAME postgraduate access and participation. Authors such as Bhopal (2017) and Rollock (2019) have argued for a number of years that the relative lack of BAME academic staff members in UK universities is a key contributing factor for the white-BAME attainment gap at undergraduate level. 

Recent reports by Universities UK/NUS (2019) and the Royal Historical Society (2018) elucidate on how BAME staff underrepresentation, particularly in leadership roles, leads to a failure to recognise and challenge longstanding structural biases within HEIs. 

Our proposed research will therefore provide an opportunity not only to improve BAME access and participation at PGR level, but also to position the University as a sector leader in enacting significant and long-overdue structural reform in the HE sector more generally.

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