Facilities and clinics

We have excellent custom-built facilities, which have been developed to support the content of our degree programmes.

World-class facilities

Having access to high-quality equipment is crucial. We have led the way in ensuring you have access to industry-standard equipment – we were the first university to install an anti-gravity treadmill – and also have three specialist clinics, two rehabilitation gyms and several laboratories. We even have a heat and altitude environmental chamber.

Student gaining practical skills in one of our clinics

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State-of-the-art clinics

Our PerformanceSports Ready, and Respiratory clinics offer services to help improve performance and recovery and rehabilitation times. Open to the public and run by our students (supported by members of staff) these three clinics give you a chance to work on real-life cases using world-class equipment and implementing the latest ideas.

The clinics house diagnostic equipment, for example for blood testing and gas analysis, alongside treatment facilities for sports therapy, sports massage and injury prevention, including equipment for brain and muscle stimulation.

See some of our equipment in action in the gallery below.


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