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These are provided for reference only. If you are awarded a Postgraduate Scholarship you will receive an offer pack in the post with the correct Terms and Conditions documents for you to sign and return to the Scholarships Unit.
  • 1 Higher Degree and General Regulations 
    • 1.1 A University scholarship holder will be registered at the University as a full-time or part-time postgraduate student for a Higher Degree by coursework and dissertation under the relevant University degree regulations and the General Regulations of the University, and will be expected to abide by the following University regulations. 
    • 1.2 Any scholar deemed by the appropriate University committee to be in breach of these disciplinary regulations will forfeit the right to the continuation of their scholarship award. This matter will not be subject to separate appeal, though the decision to withdraw the scholarship may be deferred pending the outcome of any appeal made against the disciplinary issue in question. 
    • 1.3 Scholars are expected to act as ambassadors for the University and agree to be featured in University publications and press releases. In addition, all scholarship holders will be subject to the following terms and conditions. 
  • 2 Agreement 
    • 2.1 All candidates will be required to confirm the the formal offer of the scholarship by agreeing to the terms and conditions set out in this document and any supplementary conditions set out in the scholarship offer. Candidates are advised to keep a copy of these Terms and Conditions for their records. 
    • 2.2 The scholarship offer will specify the start date of the scholarship, the amount of the scholarship and the method and frequency of payment.
  • 3 Length of Scholarship 
    • 3.1 A scholarship will normally be tenable for one year (12 months) in the first instance, renewable annually for a maximum of two years (24 months) for parttime candidates, subject to satisfactory progress and continued registration as a student on the taught postgraduate programme of the University to which the student was admitted. 
    • 3.2 A candidate who has completed part of the period of registration for a degree will only be offered a scholarship for the remaining period required for the completion of their registration. 
    • 3.3 A candidate who secures alternative sources of funding should inform the Scholarships Unit. Depending on the circumstances, the scholarship may be withdrawn or reduced pro-rata. 
  • 4 Mode of Study 
    • 4.1 Scholarships may be offered for full-time or part-time study. The mode of study will be agreed in advance of registration and award of the scholarship. This is accepted and agreed with these terms and conditions. The transfer of mode of study may affect the candidate’s funding; a part-time candidate will not receive full-time funding. 
  • 5 Intermission 
    • 5.1 Intermission from registration will only be granted in cases of grave and exceptional misfortune. During the period of intermission, scholarship payments will be suspended. 
    • 5.2 Periods of intermission will not normally be granted for periods longer than 12 months. Applications for intermission should be made in advance and require the support of the supervisor and approval from the Director of Graduate Studies or equivalent. 
  • 6 Illness 
    • 6.1 Periods of illness for a continuous period of 2 weeks or more require medical certification and should be reported to the supervisor and the Director of Graduate Studies or equivalent. During periods of certified illness, candidates may be paid at the full rate of their maintenance grant for the first 4 weeks within any 12 month period. After 4 weeks the scholarship will be suspended until the candidate resumes full-time study. 
    • 6.2 Should a period of illness exceed 4 weeks, candidates are advised to request a period of intermission.
  • 7 Monitoring 
    • 7.1 Continuation of a scholarship is subject to satisfactory academic progress. 
    • 7.2 Candidates and their programme convener or Director of Graduate Studies are required to complete biannual progress report forms. If the report is unsatisfactory, the programme convener, in conjunction with the Director of Graduate Studies, or the Head of the School should recognise either: 
      • 7.2.1 that the scholarship be renewed for a further limited period (e.g. three months) after which the candidate’s progress will be reviewed again to determine whether or not the scholarship may be renewed for the remainder of the academic year, or 
      • 7.2.2 that the candidate’s scholarship be terminated. 
  • 8 Submission of Dissertation 
    • 8.1 All candidates are expected to submit their dissertation no later than the last day of registration or in line with the conventions of the programme of study. Extensions to this period will only be given in grave and exceptional circumstances and in accordance with Faculty guidelines. 
  • 9 Termination of Scholarship 
    • 9.1 The University will terminate a scholarship when progress or performance is deemed to be unsatisfactory. Candidates should therefore inform their programme conveners and the Director of Graduate Studies of any problems or difficulties at the earliest opportunity. Similarly, programme conveners should assist in identifying problems so that a candidate’s progress is not impeded. 
    • 9.2 If a scholarship is terminated prematurely for any reason, a candidate must repay to the University any monies including maintenance, travel, subsistence, fees overpaid from the date of the termination of the scholarship. 
    • 9.3 If a candidate is permitted to reduce the period of registration and the candidate’s period of registration finishes before the scholarship is due to finish, the scholarship will be terminated on the date of the completion of registration. 
    • 9.4 If a candidate takes up full-time employment whilst in receipt of a scholarship, the scholarship will be terminated as of the first day of employment. 

Approved by The University of Kent Board for Learning and Teaching on 3 February 2009.

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