Global political psychology conference 2022

The fourth year of this conference that brings together academics and research students studying key issues in political psychology.

Staff and PhD students from the Schools of Politics and IR and Psychology were involved in the 4th UK Political Psychology conference held 22-25 February. Ben Seyd, from the School of Politics and IR, helped to organise the conference and convened two conference panels. Staff and PhD students in the School of Psychology participated in conference panels on ‘Grievance, conflict and crises’ and ‘Ideology and polarisation’.

The conference was held online, featured 11 panels on a variety of topics, and attracted over 380 participants from around the world. It featured a keynote address by Professor Leonie Huddy from Stony Brook University on ‘Partisanship and (White) Nationalism in the US’.

The conference programme can be found here.

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