Dr Anthony Manning

Dean for Internationalisation


Academic career

As Dean for Internationalisation, Anthony is responsible for the development, review and implementation of international activity across the University. As Kent adopts a 360 degree approach to internationalisation, this involves key aspects of education, research and student experience.   Anthony's particular area of academic specialism is in the teaching and assessment of English for Academic Purposes (EAP), Modern Foreign Languages and Academic Skills. Anthony’s recent publications are associated with training for educators in the assessment of EAP. Anthony is also one of the principal authors of the Transferable Academic Skills Kit (TASK), published by Garnet. He has also authored other texts for students and teachers of EAP and English for Specific Academic Purposes with Cambridge University press, Oxford University press and Garnet.

Anthony first joined the University of Kent in 2010 as Director of the Centre for English and World Languages, having previously worked at the University of Reading as Assistant Director to the International Study and Language Centre. During his career Anthony has also taught in France, Germany, China and Japan.


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Book section

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Conference or workshop item

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