Portrait of Professor Marian Garcia

Professor Marian Garcia

Professor of Marketing and Innovation
Dean of Kent Business School


Professor Marian Garcia is a Professor of Marketing and Innovation and Dean of Kent Business School, University of Kent. Marian is also Director of Kent Business School Open Innovation Network. Marian has a PhD in Food Economics from Reading University.

Research interests

  • Open Innovation
  • Crowdsourcing and Online Communities
  • Social Media for Innovation and User Collaboration
  • Diversity of R&D teams 

Marian’s primary research interests relate to New Product Development and Innovation Management, in particular how SMEs use consumer insights to enhance their innovation performance. Marian has published several refereed journal articles on the transition from closed to open innovation models and the organisational and managerial challenges companies face to accommodate a more externally orientated mindset.
Marian is currently working with a number of companies to develop superior value propositions relevant to their target market, by working collaboratively with customers and suppliers. Marian also acts as a reviewer for various technology management academic journals and has recently published a book on Open Innovation in the Food and Beverage Industry, Woodhead Publishing, Cambridge. ISBN-13: 978 0 85709 595 4. 


Marian has taught across the marketing curriculum in the UK and Europe, at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Marian’s area of specialism is New Product Development and Innovation Management. Marian currently teaches the New Product Development and Innovation Management module on The Kent MBA programme.


Current Supervisees

  • Ariya Nithikulsak: From product-centric to customer-centric: An e-transition competence model for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs)
  • Mahmoud Zakarneh: Technology-Enabled Value Co-Creation in Business Networks - The Impact on Innovativeness

Past Supervisees      

  • Febriantina Dewi: The role of Involvement in Food Consumption
  • Mohamud Hussein: Comparative Analysis of Co-regulatory Approaches to UK Meat Hygiene Controls
  • Freddy Brofman Epelbaum: The Impact of Technological Innovations in Food Traceability Systems on Firm Performance
  • Andres Silva: The Impact of Child Obesity news on UK Household Food Expenditure
  • David Yawson: The Utilisation of Consumer Information: An Application to SME's in the United Kingdom Agri-food Industry
  • Christopher Sausman: Social Capital Formation in Global Value Chains: Evidence from Peru's Alternative Development Program 


Marian works with a range of private and public sector organisations in the UK and Europe assisting with innovation management problems.

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