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Costs of living in the UK

The costs below are estimated to give you an idea about what you might spend whilst living and studying in the UK. The amount needed will vary from individual to individual, and will depend on the type of accommodation you choose (for example, whether meals are included).

The international student calculator

The student calculator can help you plan and manage your money for your studies in the UK. You can also use a currency converter for up-to-date exchange rates.

Food/personal items

As a guide, students usually pay:

  • Around £25-50 per week on food
  • Around £5-10 per week on cosmetics
  • Around £30 per year on bedding
  • Around £35 per year on kitchen equipment (pots, pans, etc.)

Typical costs of individual items are listed below.

Item Amount
Bread 30p - £1.00
Milk (2 pints) Around 80p
Cheese (200g pack) Around £2.00
Butter (250g) Around £1.00
Eggs (x6) Basic: 80p Free range: £1.30
Rice (1kg) From 74p - £3.00
Pasta (500g) 70p
Noodles (375g) 50p
Tea bags (x80) £1.20
Coffee (jar) From £1.00 - £3.00
Tomatoes (x6) 50p
Chicken (whole) £4.00
Tuna (tin) 85p
Apples (x6) £1.50


Study items

books, stationery, photocopying: around £200 per year.

Laundry, clothing and cosmetics

Item Amount
Shampoo £3
Conditioner £3
Deodrant £2
Haircut (men's) From £5
Haircut (women's) From £25


Item Amount
TV license £147 per year
Telephone Charges can vary. Click here to find out more.
Cinema £9
Theatre £10-15
Nightclub Around £5
Beer £3


Item Amount
Annual bus pass for uni bus £240 for the academic year
Train to London Around £23 (You can save 1/3 off most standard class rail fares with a 16-25 railcard)
Petrol Variable

Rent and insurance

See our Accommodation website for the latest prices.

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