Student Conduct

Student Conduct impacts the harmony of the University community, learn about how the team can help.

All students at the University of Kent are expected to adhere to the Student Code of Conduct, Student Discipline Procedure and the Student Charter.

  • The University does not tolerate inappropriate behaviour against any student, employee or others visiting, working or studying at the University. 
  • The University may discipline a student for inappropriate behaviour to protect the interests and reputation of the University and its members.

What is Student Misconduct?

  • A behaviour which interferes with activities of functions of the University, or with those who work or study at the University.
  • Or an action which otherwise damages the reputation of the University in the community and more widely.
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How to Report Student Misconduct

Any incident of student misconduct which occurs on University property or campuses, at a University event (including events held off University property or campuses), or which impacts on the harmony of the University community, should be reported.

Reports can be made in person to a Student Conduct and Complaints Officer (by appointment) or to any member of staff.

If you wish to report misconduct, please use the Student Disciplinary Procedure:

  1.  Read the guidance in the Student Disciplinary procedure
  2. Either print and complete the form within the procedure and email to, or complete the Student Disciplinary Form online.
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Report + Support

Through Report + Support we hope to ensure that you gain access to the support that is available to you in the aftermath of an incident.

You are given the option to record an incident and give your name, so that you can be contacted by the Wellbeing Adviser (Sexual Assault/Harassment) to discuss support and your options for reporting formally. Or you can choose to remain anonymous. The information that you provide will help us to make continued progress in making our university the safest it can be. You are in control here. Have your voice heard.

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Stages of Investigating Student Misconduct

  • Once we receive the report, a Student Conduct and Complaints Officer will conduct a preliminary investigation and where possible deal with the case early on.
  • Sanctions will only be applied if there is sufficient evidence. Any sanction imposed will take account of any relevant mitigating or aggravating factors.
  • If it is not possible to resolve the concern at the early resolution stage, the Student Conduct and Complaints Officer will conduct a formal investigation. 
  • The Student Conduct and Complaints Officer will meet with the reporting student(s) and the reported student(s) about whom the complaint has been made to ascertain key facts. 
  • These enquiries could lead to dismissing the case summarily or referring the case to the Head of Student Conduct and Complaints.

Formal Disciplinary Panel

  • Disciplinary Panels deal with the most serious disciplinary issues. 
  • Where an allegation is deemed to be outside of the authority of the Head of Student Conduct and Complaints, a Disciplinary Panel will be formed, normally within 20 working days of the recommendation being made.
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