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Organise your own work, your team's work or project work with this shared planning tool
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What you can do with Planner

Create a work planning board. Then add tasks and organise them into different workstreams. 

Planner is an alternative to Kanban-style planning tools such as Trello. 

You can invite people to join your planning board, and then assign tasks to them. To keep everyone informed of progress, plan members can update the status of the tasks they're working on.

How to access Planner

You can access Planner through Teams (Microsoft support instructions)

Or use the Planner web app: 

  • Choose Planner and use it in your web browser

You can download a mobile/tablet app from the Planner web app (bottom right), or from your app store / play store.

Read this security and sensitive data advice if you're storing sensitive data.

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