Belated Celebrations!

The last two years of graduation celebrations have been suspended due to the global pandemic but we are finally getting to celebrate the achievements of our students in Canterbury. This time the Class of 2020.

It was wonderful to see everyone again, starting at our reception at Westgate Hall. This cohort being particularly deserving having completed their degrees during an extremely challenging and unusual academic year which was so suddenly suspended by the COVID pandemic.

Student Support Officer Jessica Ryder remembered the particular time that this cohort studied and finished their degrees through. “Everything got shut down so fast that, we weren’t able to give the celebratory experience that usually comes in the final few months of a final year!  This cohort missed out on farewell talks, farewell drinks with friends and staff, the relief when you walk out of your final exam and the joy of celebrating your results with friends.  It was so lovely to see everyone today and remember how well they all did under these extraordinary circumstances -hopefully the delayed graduation and reception has made up for it!”

Head of School Professor Miguel Leon Ledesma in his speech at the reception told the cohort to be really proud of what they have achieved  ‘This is your time to shape society as a group of skilled individuals with shared experiences’.

After catching up with everyone at reception it was time to move on to Canterbury Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, for their formal convocation.

Dates for upcoming graduation ceremonies can be found here.

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