Additional staff

Academic staff including emeritus and honorary staff, and associate and assistant lecturers at the School of Arts.

Emeritus and Honorary

Name Title Contact
Stacie Lee Bennett Research Associate
Dr Sarah Cardwell Honorary Fellow
Professor Elizabeth Cowie Emeritus Professor of Film Studies
Professor Martin Hammer Emeritus Professor of History and Philosophy of Art
Dr Sue Jones Honorary Fellow
Dr Lisa Lin Honorary Researcher
Professor Christina Lodder Honorary Professor
Dr Nigel Mather Honorary Researcher
Professor Peter Stanfield Emeritus Professor of Film and Media

Associate and Assistant Lecturers

Name Subject Contact
Liam Creighton Film  
Aurelie Debaene History of Art
Stefano Farinelli History of Art  
Matthew Gibson Film
Alice Helliwell History of Art
Adam James History of Art
Aristotelis Maragkos Film
Mary McNulty Drama
Gabrielle Moleta Drama
Natalia Naish History of Art
Jade Wackett History of Art
Zoe Wible Film
Peter Windle History of Art
Bernie Zirnheld History of Art
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