Access and Participation


Equality of opportunity

We stand for ambition and we are proud of our work to support students from all backgrounds to access, succeed in and progress from HE. We recognise the transformational power of an outstanding university experience, and the value that a diverse student body brings to our institution. Our ambitious Access and Participation Plan (APP) addresses the risks to equality of opportunity that we have identified and prioritised.

Our efforts and resources will be targeted to address Kent’s greatest equality of opportunity risks; we recognise that the Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated educational disadvantage and that the cost-of-living crisis has created even greater polarisation between the most and least disadvantaged students’ progression and success within HE.

We are committed to working in partnership with schools in the local area that have Key Stage 4 results below the national average. We are also committed to working with care-experienced students, in partnership with other local universities and other partners, to ensure equality of opportunity for all students.  For students who progress to the University of Kent, our mission is to provide a university experience that is inclusive, supportive and enables individuals to excel throughout their student journey.

Our students continually shape our work

The plan has been informed by students’ views and recommendations. It builds upon our clearly stated targets to develop joint working in outreach and student employability with Kent Union, as well as fully supporting the commitment for improving student success.

We're the lead sponsor.

University of Kent Academies Trust (UKAT)

We understand the needs and challenges faced by schools and multi-academy trusts. We continue to develop our role as lead sponsor and support the trust at all levels.