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'myCourtroom: Rosie's Family Go To Court'

Rosie: myCourtroom

The story of Rosie continues (Rosie features in two of The University of Kent’s previous simulations) as her family now goes to court in a private law case - Rosie’s biological father has reappeared in her life and wants Rosie to spend time with him.  A disclosure by Rosie, as the case progresses, results in local authority involvement this then results in Rosie’s case becoming a public law case. ‘MyCourtroom’ is an interactive and immersive simulation, based on realistic scenarios designed to trigger discussions and decisions around court skills - specifically, safe practice, best practice, and positive outcomes for the child. It offers professionals a unique training experience. This innovative tool is designed for social workers, family court advisers and all child protection professionals. It provides the opportunity to encounter some of the confusing, potentially dangerous and emotionally draining situations faced in court practice, with an opportunity to discuss these issues in a safe environment with other professionals. Book your place on a half-day's training session and have access to the licence to reinforce your learning using the resources and for continuing your own professional development.


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Terms and condition of licence use please read before booking your place

Please read the terms and conditions below before booking your place on the CPD session. Unless formally agreed by the University of Kent, (or unless you have purchased a Trainer Package detailed below) licences may not be used to generate income, licence holders may not be commissioned to deliver training and are not permitted to share enrolment details with others. Licences are for use within schools/organisations or for own CPD.

myCourtroom Terms and Conditions for delegates that have attended the training session - for own CPD purposes only. It is possible to purchase a trainer package after attendance to enable purchasers to deliver training to their staff.

myCourtroom Terms and Conditions for organisations wanting to deliver training to their staff who have purchased the package in addition to attending the training session.

myCourtroom Terms and Conditions for the Masterclass session.

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Half day training session and 12 months access to the resources costs £125 per person for your own CPD use. If you want to use it in your organisation you can upgrade to a trainer package. To register for a training session you may Book Your Place Here if you can pay by credit card. If you would like to be invoiced for the cost of your training, please contact us first to arrange booking your place and note there is £10 admin charge. For group discount, or to host a session in your region, please do contact us.

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myCourtroom is available in packages for organisations to train their staff. We are happy to chat about bespoke packages to fit your budget and to advise on which one would be recommended for you. Just call us on 01227 827546 or email us.

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We are now offering a masterclass package available exclusively for universities to offer their students. This package includes a workshop at your premises, and each student would have access to the licence for 12 months to continue their learning. This package includes access to the comprehensive training pack; video and links to further resources. Please note this is only available for Higher Education students and the workshop is delivered directly to the students with a licence for them to use for a limited time for their own personal development – this licence is not provided to the student’s University and may not be used for training purposes.

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Learning outcomes

The half day's training focuses on the following outcomes:

  • Information and support around giving evidence and cross-examination
  • Encourage practitioners to refer to theory and research appropriately within evidence
  • Awareness of roles and expertise of professionals in the public court room
  • Practical application/exploration of care proceedings’ system, rules and legal concepts
  • Consideration of court preparation and awareness of general court protocol
  • Develop practitioner confidence to scrutinise details and challenge where appropriate
  • An overview of all features of the simulation package to support further-reaching learning objectives

Depending on how myCourtroom is facilitated it is possible to achieve the following learning outcomes from the resources and we are happy to advise on this if you decide to roll it out within your organisation as part of the Trainer Package:


    Learning Objective


    Enable practical exploration and learning of the different protocols in private and public proceedings in the family legal system.


    Develop knowledge around the different roles and expertise of professionals in the family courts; including the developing of understanding the role of Cafcass in a range of family proceedings.


    Advise and assist professionals in their own presentation in court including attire, how to address a judge or magistrate and conduct inside and outside of the courtroom.


    Develop practitioners’ confidence to scrutinise details and challenge where appropriate; giving practitioners the confidence to give evidence of their own knowledge, observations, and opinions, even if this does not align with that of other professionals.


    Support practitioners in the consideration of using research appropriately when using evidence in their assessments, analysis, and professional judgments.


    Develop report writing skills to include critical and analytical content that remains focused on the child(ren).


    Experience examples, exercises and an immersive simulation around the process of giving evidence and being cross-examined in order to support preparation and minimise associated anxieties.


    Support preparation for court with a focus on the importance of practitioners “knowing the case” as a means to ensure credible decision-making in the best interests of the child.


    Provision of, and advice on, using resources to support direct work with children prior to involvement with a court setting to help to allay any worries or concerns they may have.


    Provision of, and advice on using, resources to help support Litigants in Person (LiPs) and adults with special needs in preparing for what to expect when they go to court.


    Explore professional dilemmas around sibling group separation, permanency and neglect (threshold) in a court context.


    Provision of reminders, aids and learning opportunities to bring back to group or team setting and enable ongoing learning and development.


    Promoting the sharing of inter-professional practice, knowledge, and tools.

Rosie 1 and Rosie 2

A safe way to explore how to deal with potentially unsafe situations.
Rosie 2’ helps train staff at all levels to spot the signs of neglect.
Rosie 1’ (free download available) is a seemingly benign case, and ‘Rosie 2’ is the same family 5 years on, and now a serious case of neglect.
Use in CPD sessions; recruitment, supervision; as a tool to learn about and develop inter-agency practice.

Before you start - computer requirements

You must ensure you have Google Chrome on your computer and before you start each session you should clear your history/cache.

Should you have to use Microsoft Explorer: you can press F12 and then select the option to ‘always pull pages direct from the server’. Essentially, this stops caching.

  • Mac OS 10.6+ Dual Core 2.33GHz with 2GB RAM
  • Windows PC Dual Core processor and 2GB RAM
  • myCourtroom can be played on tablets as it is HTML5

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Can I view 'myCourtroom' on different computers?
myCourtroom is stored on our server and is an online training tool, no software is installed on your machine. Therefore you may log onto External Moodle from your office computer or your laptop or tablet at home for example.


"I think it will stimulate a lot of discussion including some of the dilemmas, how you evidence what you are saying, what happens when you are giving evidence and how you should prepare yourself. "


"This can be used as a refresher as well as a learning tool. It raises appropriate discussion points throughout and subject provoking. It covers the basic but at the same time allows for discussion about how the situations may differ. It is a versatile tool."


"Children will enjoy using this as it is a visual which is likely to engage them more in the process, they will be able to see that it is more relaxed than they may have thought. This may reduce some of their anxiety about a parent attending court."


"It will help the local authority and new starters to understand the journey of a case including the first hearing. Also, to help them understand the terminology used at court."


"I think it [myCourtroom] sets the scene of the process/ promotes discussion re. cross examination, the etiquette of the court and the need to fully prepare before… I think it will be very useful."


"Excellent intro to process that should provide new staff with reassurance and confidence in dealing with such a complex process."

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