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Signs of CSE: Looking out for Lottie

Looking out for Lottie training on CSE and Online Grooming

Lottie was recently updated in partnership with the NSPCC and featured in ChildLine's National #listentoyourselfie campaign looking at unhealthy relationships.

'Lottie' is a modern interactive simulation addressing the serious issues of online grooming and exploitation for professionals working with young people. The interactive CPD Workshop has been designed to raise awareness and provide insight into the grooming process and implications for young people. The simulation features the ‘boyfriend’ style groomer, and tackles the complexities of this seemingly normal online relationship, providing unprecedented insight into perspectives of both groomer and victim of CSE.  Through the use of a social media style interface, professionals are able to learn about grooming by tracking the behaviour of the groomer and see the implications for the victim. After the training you will be given free access to the resources and for a year. You may then use the simulation with young people in group or one-to-one sessions.

In 2014 the Ofsted report 'It couldn't happen here, could it?' highlighted that the risk of child sexual exploitation (CSE) was not well understood in many areas. In 2016 Ofsted found that strategies to tackle CSE were effective when staff had the skills, knowledge and training to recognise and respond to child sexual exploitation. 'Looking out for Lottie' training will enable you to spot the signs of grooming, to support young people and to help them keep themselves safe online.

Proud winners of the Guardian University Award 2016 for Digital Innovation: 'The award  was in recognition of the ‘Lottie’ project, ground-breaking work from the Centre for Child Protection providing an interactive simulation tool to help young people become more aware of the dangers of sexual grooming.' Guardian University, 2016 read more...

Download leaflet

Leaflet summarising the objectives and course details can be downloaded.

Terms and condition of licence use please read before booking your place

Please read the terms and conditions before booking your place on the CPD session. Unless formally agreed by the University of Kent, licences may not be used to generate income, licence holders may not be commissioned to deliver training and are not permitted to share enrolment details with others. Licences are for use within schools/organisations or for own CPD.

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Half day training session and 12 months access to the resources costs £249 per person.To register for a training session you may Book Your Place Here if you can pay by credit card.If you would like to be invoiced for the cost of your training, there is a £10 administrative fee applicable. Please contact us first with your purchase order to arrange booking your place For group discount, or to host a session in your region, please do contact us.

Learning outcomes/objectives

  • To raise awareness of definitions and prevalence of CSE in the UK
  • To gain knowledge of messages from research, reports & serious case reviews.
  • To acquire knowledge and skills necessary to increase the awareness of young people around the process of online grooming and child sexual exploitation.
  • To ensure you can identify children at risk of CSE
  • To help you gain the knowledge and confidence to promote discussion amongst young people, enabling them to identify and discuss factors/indicators of online grooming in their peers and to reflect on their own and others’ behaviour.
  • To ensure you know how to refer children and young people for further help.
  • To gain knowledge of aspects of internet safety including cyber bullying and sexting.
  • To raise awareness of the reporting process for young people’s concerns on online grooming and internet safety.
  • To gain an unprecedented insight into perspectives of both groomer and victim of CSE

Licence renewal

You will be sent a reminder to renew your licence, which is provided free for the first 12 months after your training session. A renewal fee of £100 per person will be requested to cover server/hosting charges. If you have group renewals please email us with the number required, in order to arrange a discounted price. Renew your Lottie licence via our online shop here.

Guardian University Award Winner 2016 for Digital Innovation

Success at the Guardian University Awards 2016

17 March 2016

The Centre for Child Protection is proud that the ‘Looking out for Lottie’ simulation is recognised for its digital innovation at the Guardian University Awards 2016.

The team at the University of Kent's Centre for Child Protection (CCP) believes all learners should have the chance to use motivating, innovative learning tools in this digital age. Its latest social media-style simulation 'Looking out for Lottie' is attention-grabbing and enables young people to learn to protect themselves from online child sexual exploitation (CSE).

The Centre is the only one of its kind in the UK, combining child protection research, study and simulation development. It epitomises how universities can collaborate to solve global issues, and impact lives. CCP provides a unique contribution to the University's strategy (University Plan 2015-20), in particular 'building on research activities to ensure delivery of high quality and impactful outputs' and contributing 'to the educational and life-chances for those in our local/regional communities'. The Centre achieves this by collaborating with partners and developing a suite of 'serious games' for training/education in challenging, emotive areas of child protection. CPP's strength lies in the ability to turn complex concepts and theory into user-friendly interactive digital training tools.

'Lottie' was developed with NHS Health Education (Kent, Surrey and Sussex) and responds directly to issues highlighted in the Ofsted report 'The sexual exploitation of children: it couldn't happen here, could it?' (2014), which emphasises that schools and local authorities need to directly tackle CSE and evidence how they are doing this.

The simulation follows the compelling story of a schoolgirl Lottie and how she becomes involved with Jake, a seemingly innocent 'boyfriend' who is grooming her for a gang to rape. It features two versions: (1) for direct work with young people and (2) for professionals, including more specific targeted elements. Users explore Lottie's social media platforms, generating discussion of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Lottie includes links to other resources, comprehensive training pack and guidance through reflective questions.

For more information on the Centre’s child protection simulations and to book training or purchase bespoke training resources for your organisation email or phone 01227 827546 or visit our website.



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Before you start - computer requirements

You must ensure you have Google Chrome on your computer and before you start each session you should clear your history/cache.

Should you have to use Microsoft Explorer: you can press F12 and then select the option to ‘always pull pages direct from the server’. Essentially, this stops caching.

  • Mac OS 10.6+ Dual Core 2.33GHz with 2GB RAM
  • Windows PC Dual Core processor and 2GB RAM
  • myCourtroom can be played on tablets as it is HTML5

Launch presentation and photographs

More information on our launch of 'Looking out for Lottie' including the programme, photographs and presentations is now available to view.

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"Very powerful to use with young people and an excellent starting point for conversations"

Year 6 Teacher and Computing Lead


"Really interesting - eye-opener into issues not often thought about with regards to CSE"

Support Worker


"Excellent, very impressed and excited about using this simulation tool!"

Children's Residential Worker


"Brilliant! Up-to-date with children and young people."

Deputy Manager, CSE Residential Provision


Offered a progressive approach to thinking about CSE and an innovative tool to use practically with young people"

Support Worker for 16+ Service


"Highly informative and thought-provoking"

Residential Children's Worker


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